iam shocked people are talking to me

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Ive had 4 letters from ministers well from their sidekicks they are of no use at all not one question answered.

They all say same thing well nearly if i was marking A level papers me thinks cheating going on.

All of them talk about DIRECT PAYMENTS and all point out that i can now "work" for £95 per week respite care is available and social services can help with short term care sometimes for a few hours they even say my mother can visit day center.

In my letters to them i pointed out i cant " work " as my mother needs constant care and we cant afford short term care at £14 per hour day center i think is £12 perday + lunch money
we can get free respite care 4 weeks per year via veterans agency but its dificult to sort out and when she is in respite as i have no cash i end up sitting at home doing nowt oh sorry iam getting a break.

I was also advised to apply for other benefits that may help me even though i told them i had done so and as i have a small works pension i am excluded from help except the carers 25% council tax discount.
One from WORKS AND PENSIONS said as a carer i dont have to pay council tax i have lost what little faith i had in M.P`S i have decided to send my postal vote paper to GORDON BROWN AT NUMBER 10 when election comes round as i dont think my vote wil ever count.

Image mayeb if enough of us sent back our lil bit of worthless papaer he may notice