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I am proud to be called a CARER !!! - Carers UK Forum

I am proud to be called a CARER !!!

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Over and over I hear the same discussion about Carers not identifying themselves as Carers for their own personal reasons or not liking the label Carer.

Hence, I am starting the "I am proud to be called a CARER" campaign because, in my view, this is what I am, currently. I love and care for my father, as his daughter, but recognise and accept that due to his vascular dementia I am also his ‘CARER’

In many other countries those who spend their life being a CARER are highly respected and valued in their society. So should we here in the UK value and respect our CARERS.

Also, the word ‘CARER’ is now beginning to be embedded and recognised in our society and communities as being someone who cares for another person or persons on a daily basis and up to 24/7.

In my view what needs to change is the word used by organisations relating to those employed to support the cared for, the carer or both as these too are either called 'carers' or ‘care workers’ thus causing confusion. Why not call them ‘support workers’ because that is what they are doing providing support to the Carer and cared for.

One can even take this a step further with the use of the word care in Care Homes. Again, in my view, these are residential homes which provide support to the people who live there and those employed in these homes should be called ‘support workers’ who have kind, caring and compassionate qualities.

So join me in this campaign and let’s see if we can achieve having over one million people saying...


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There is an awful lot of confusion about the term "carer", it's a subject which has been debated for many, many years. I think there is little we can do about it being hijacked by people paid to care, simply because of the length of the words. "Support worker" is 13 letters, "Carer" is just 6.
Also, the word support is a very "cold" word, lacking feeling and emotion, whereas care suggest warmth and emotion, so I'd far rather pay someone to care for me, than to support me. What I'd really like to see is all carers being paid a similar amount, raising Carers Allowance to at least equate to the minimum wage, because equal work should be worth equal pay.
I've been a carer for 34 years, ever since my son was born, and I've done it to the very best of my ability. In their old age all four parents were very ill and disabled, all living nearby, so I cared for them as well, to some extent. I can't say I'm proud to be a carer though, I just wish life had been kinder to me and those I have loved.
My concern would be if we dont keep the name, who will. Govt would like nothing better than for us to disappear.

foster parents are now called foster carers ..
paid care workers both within residential care homes and those who provide care within the disabled persons own home are called carers..
those who provide nursery care for pre school children are also called carers..
even mothers on mums net often say they are their own childs primary carer..
we also have friends and neighbours who "keep an eye" on friends and neighbours they are classed as carers ..
we will soon have nurses working as care asisatnts within care homes / hospitals they have now been called carers ..
i may be old fashioned but for me a carer is a close family member who is providing care for an elderly / young disabled relative at home .......
way back in 1997 when i became a carer for my father i was asked that very same year by my very own G.P. what i did for a living what was my employment status i told him i was now a carer his reply " my wife runs a care home who do you work for " idiot ... i think we do need a new name .....

OXFORD DICTIONARY ....CARER = one who looks after a sick or disabled person at home ..mmmmmmmmmmm still proud to be a carer Image
I feel the same about the 'Carer' word being used to describe those who are paid to provide caring services for a living, to me they are CareWORKERS. Unfortunately, it is the public perception to lump everybody in the same category, I really would like to see a change to the CUK logo to make the 'unpaid" role highlighted, we still get people posting on here thinking this is a site for paid careworkers.

Unfortunately, (and I'm not a miserable beggar!) I cannot agree with the "Proud to be called a carer" campaign. I cared for my daughter and later my mum..I am still a carer for my daughter but not in the same way as I was. Please don't be offended when I say that pride didn't enter into the equation, I felt my identity was eroded, my own sense of 'self'. I raised a family of 5 children and worked hard, two jobs at one point. I could fight my corner, had some interests, I had a life.

Although my personal situation didn't deteriorate really badly until the last few years, I felt used, lonely, resentful but worse than that, I felt like I didn't exist as a person anymore, just a whole heap of anxiety, depression, health issues that was under intolerable pressure. At one point, I was so close to taking my own life, it scares me to think back to it. There were some happy times but they were few and far between.

For me, I would have been so much happier if I was seen as someone else apart from a a carer, an acknowledgement that I wasn't just a label, that I was a real person.
I am perhaps most worried about social workers views of us, in our caring role. They often forget that before caring took over our lives we were real people with real jobs and real social lives. I have complained endlessly about the way my son's accounts are (mis)managed by the care agency, but because I am "the parent" neither Social Services nor the Care Agency are really interested in what I say, despite my degree and 20 years experience running a business. Even in this day and age, some professionals still seem to think that parents with a disabled child are somehow deficient in some way. Those who complain are doing it to make social workers' jobs more difficult, and therefore getting the complainer to shut up becomes their main aim, not resolving the problem which caused the complaint in the first place. They often seem to have forgotten that without us and our children they wouldn't have a job in the first place. I'm far more concerned about correcting this misconception. If they did their jobs properly I wouldn't need to keep complaining at all. I might even have a social life.
Perhaps if we all stood up and said we are proud to be carers we would be a force to be recognised, not individuals who can be dismissed as 'only' a carer, by the ss, the nhs and any one else who thinks this way.
6 million, or whatever the figure is, make a large proportion of the population who cannot be ignored IF we all stand up and declare, with pride, that we are a carer.
But we all minimise that aspect of our lives and say what we work at to define ourselves and sometimes don't even mention that we are a carer as well.
I am a person in my own right and what I do does not define who I am, but in my life I have been proud to be many persona's........daughter, wife, mother, homemaker, teacher, the list is as varied as my life, as anyone's life, but they have all required a variety of skills to achieve so now I have no problem with proudly proclaiming
I wish I could be proud to be a Carer, but I'm not. I'd be proud to be myself - an educated woman with a postgraduate degree and donkeys years of working in a challenging role which took me to places across the globe I probably would never have experienced otherwise. Unfortunately "carer" seems to have been demoted to the same level as "housewife". Hours and hours of unpaid hard slog which nobody notices whilst you are doing it day after day, week after week, but sure as hell notice if God forbid you STOP doing it. I genuinely applaud you Myrtle, that you are proud to be a carer. I just feel like a resentful, selfish old so and so who has been stopped in her tracks at just about the time in my life when I should be reaping what I sowed and having some sort of meaningful life. Image I love the person I care for with all my heart, and the alternative is a no-brainer of course, but I never planned it to be this way.
As my husband says you are not a person in your own right but simply an extension of the person for whom you are caring so no I am not "proud" to be a carer. My degree is wasted as I cannot use it so what was the point of 4 years of hard slog. I love my son very much but all of our lives would be very very different had he not had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Most of all his Image This disease has taken everything from him, he would probably have had a good job by now in which he could use his degree. He might even have been married by now and made us grandparents but that is something that is never going to happen. He can't even breathe now without the ventilator.