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Share your petitions or campaigns here.
Please will you all e mail GORDON BROWN PRIME MINISTER.

errrr sorry new in here what/why should we be e-mailing
if you tell me i may well join thanks x

Hi Bonnie

Carers UK is asking carers to send a message to Gordon Brown. You can do it via our website and we'll deliver all your messages to him en masse later in the year.

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... ordonBrown

When later in the year? - why we waiting so long? Image
I signed up for this one ages ago. Image Image

We need things moving quicker than they are at present matt and I don't think Carersuk should be sitting on all that correspondence for months either. Image
Hi marie

Thanks for your comments. We launched the campaign on May 30th so we are now 7 weeks in. Closing date for repsonses will be October 1st and at the moment the plan is to deliver them at some point in October/November. So all in all the period where people can sign up is 4 months. I'm sure if you signed up straight away it can seem like nothing has happened since but in fact the campaign is really picking up momentum.

We have that length of period because this campaign is not just an internet campaign. It takes time for word to filter down to local activists and we want word to spread to as many carers as possible. We are physically distributing thousands and thousands of postcards. For example many carers groups only meet once a month, many will distribute postcards in their newsletters which may only be quarterly, they need lead in time, and then they need time for people to fill them in and return them.

I guess it's a matter of interpretation but we're not sitting on the repsonses, we're collecting them!! I also think that delivering them all in one go makes more of an impact than doing some now and some later.

You may not agree with how we're doing it but I wanted to explain that we do put a lot of thought into how we plan the campaigns and we try and take on board what carers have told us from previous campaigns we have run.

Thanks for your feedback though, I hope I've been able to explain some of why we do things the way we do.

All the best


Real Change not short change
hope i did not stand on someones toes any who send emails via carers web site but still send them off on your own we should keep a flow of emails but as we know they will never get sick of us how about a demo at whitehall? iam down in november as my mother is laying wreaths for A.T.S. (WOMANS ARMY ) & ROYAL ENGINEERS OH I FORGOT THE WAR WIDOWS as well.
i quite happy to leave her in wheelchair on horseguards parade .

did you see guarding the queen tuesday night the bandswoman is in the same room my mother used during ww2 mind you i think its had a lick of paint since then.

iam off to the national arboretum on sat 21st for the unveiling of prisoner of war memorial and may be going to France / Belgium so may be missing for a week or so thats if i can blag a free weeks hotel.

if you go to BELGIUM just 40 miles from tunnel on way to Ypres is a small town called Lo Renning the hotel we have used for the last 15 years is the OUDE ABDIJ (OLD ABBEY) its haunted, family hotel and as usual all staff speak english ANNIE is the big boss and it might just be my mothers charm but we never pay well never the full amount ANNIE is a lovely woman
Matt, I don't dispute that there is a potential gold mine of information and ideas from carers who send in their thoughts for Gordon Brown to you.

However, I've come across some carers who are sceptical that their comments would be edited or withheld on the grounds that they may not be entirely "on message."

Some reassurance from Carers UK on this point would be helpful. I have a hundred of the ****** things to get rid of!
Hi Charles

Happy to reassure everyone that your comments will not be edited or censored. There is no 'on message' here as far as Carers UK is concerned. We are clear what our members have said in the survey - carers are having to sell their homes, cut back on food, heating and clothes, give up their jobs, and sacrifice their pensions. It is not good enough. Carers Allowance is an insult and things have to change.

We recognise that there is no quick and easy fix to a problem of this size and of course there will be many different views and opinions. All views are welcome. The point of the postcard is to get across to the Government, the strength of feeling from carers and the public.

The only situation I can think of where we might not pass one on was if it was very offensive defamatory or legally questionable - such as it contained offensive language or personal threats or comments about the Prime Minister. But I have not seen anything like that and in my many years experience working with carers I do not think we would get anything like that.

Furthermore if we decided not to pass one on because of concerns over it's legality, we would of course make sure the carer concerned was informed and given the chance to resubmit their message with the offensive bits taken out.

I hope that can reassure everyone. We have put a few of the messages we have had so far, up on the website.

Read them here


Matt Hill
Carers UK