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Housing Guide For Carers ? Would It Be Useful ? - Carers UK Forum

Housing Guide For Carers ? Would It Be Useful ?

Share your petitions or campaigns here.
CHC thread ... now a sticky ... feedback has been encouraging.

It has more than served it's purpose.

Next project for more sins ?

Housing ?

Becoming a major issue across all of CarerLand.

Virtually nothing AGAIN in the questions asked in this year's Carers Survey.

Home owners with a caree really needing residential care to tenants on both social and BTL tenancies.

If demand is there , I'll take a crack at it.

Rent ( How calculated through to arrears ) / inadequate housing ( Who to contact on whatever issue ) / BTL sector problems ... benefits and grants ( What's available ) / caree moving into a care home aspect / Council Tax ( Discounts available ) ... just a few to kick off.

Existing HOUSING thread contains much information ... but , with the articles posted on there , a real mismash for anyone seeking information.

Also to include the issue of " Succession " ... the " Lambchop element " ... forever enshrined in our Lord Kitch.

All suggestions ... provided physically possible ... welcomed !
I agree that a sticky would be useful. I'd love our Helpline to publish a good guide, which we could all link to.
A novel thought ?

A helpline , of sorts , independent of the Carers UK helpline ?

After all , between us , how many referals do we potentially save them ?

Odds on , our team is smaller and ... not even mentioned in dispatches ?

Have any of us ever had a token Christmas card ?

Or , one with a few food bank vouchers inside ?

Housing ?

I intend to go into areas that very few would even have dreamed of ... unless they have experienced survival at street level , some in the catacombs below that !
Another " Lambchop " type situation reported on the forum this morning.


Mansions to yer local tent city ... and all sheds and shacks inbetween.

Mortgages for family carers on benefits / rent arrears / succession / statue law on repairs ... just a few brewing.

From a family carer's perspective ... not from a textbook / estate agent / landlord !

Over to you readers , many may benefit.

I'll even cut my hourly rate ... a little.

The very family carers who will need much of the information probably won't even know of the existence of this forum ... let alone our supporting organisation.

Still , the offer's on the table.
I've sent the occasional email to "Those "in power" and to be fair to them, they have said thank you to me.
Of course had I written, that wouldn't have happened. I'm not that bothered anyhow.

Occasionally I receive a PM from someone who has been in a real fix and I have helped them get out of it somehow. I might have alerted someone to a benefit they were unaware of - how can you apply for something when you don't know it exists?!

All I ever hope is that by sharing the knowledge I have learned the hard way, I can make life easier for someone else, and in turn, they willl share it with someone else they meet. I've even helped someone in a bus queue in Majorca when I've been on holiday!

Whilst I don't expect any thanks from "Those "in power" I do think that if they shared some of their own information on the forum in some way, they would get less calls, and therefore it would be working more efficiently.

I needed to be told to click on the little lines next to "Quick Links" to find lots more information. How many people don't realise how much information is waiting to be uncovered? When you are at your wit's end, tired, harrassed, at the end of your tether, it's not going to be the perfect time to investigate a new website!

However if you keep getting the "Not Authorised" message, you are likely to give up altogether.

I would like to see a few "worked examples" (and before anyone says it yes I KNOW everyone is different, but a worked example will encourage you to find out more.

To get back to the subject of Housing, it's desperately important, and I would like to see a rule that all councils and housing associations apply. If you have been a carer for a given length of time, for someone living in a family council house, that carer is allowed to stay in the house until a one bed flat becomes available. How long is a matter of debate. Any ideas. (I don't live in LA or HA housing, so I have no bias).
Who else would support this idea?
Sectors to be covered ... potentially :

( BB ... in course through a " Lampchop " section under OWNERSHIP ... I will also explore equitable charges against owner occupied properties ... effective during my banking days but ... that was 27 years ago ! )

OWNERSHIP ( Social and BTL in particular ... succession / Lambchop thread ... possible equitable charges to protect the carer )
LAW RELATING TO TENANCIES ( Including improvements and repairs ... Grenfell Tower fallout / tower blocks ... where does a tenant stand ? )
FINANCES ( Especially the BTL market re: fees / rent arrears / potential mortgages for benefit claimants / credit unions )
BENEFITS ( Housing Benefit and Council Tax in particular )
ENERGY ( Choices ... if you have one ... discount schemes )
LINKS ( Obviously Shelter ... probably include within other sectors detailed above )

Quite a bit already on the forum under several threads ... the UNIVERSAL CREDIT one a good example ... look like a massive cut and paste job ... then check each for more detailed information ... especially the legal bits.

Just yell if you want to add any others ... or want me to press the green button.
and.... my pet project , warning adult resident caring children about potentially loosing the family home to pay for care home costs and being totally disregarded even if it has been their own main home for donkeys years but they have not reached the magical age of 60. They will be relying on the discretionary goodwill of the council in disregarding the property in any financial assessment concerning admission into permanent care home for the property owning aged parent. If you live in an area like Poole (bless Poole Council's little cotton socks) you might find yourself queauing up for a tent.
How about a piece on letting out a parent's home to produce rental income for parent to help fund care home fees? Pros and cons
Yep ... just one part of the proposed OWNERSHIP sector.

How much speculation to transpose across from the CARERS STRATEGY GREEN PAPER FUNDING thread will be debatable ... a precis of the two main proposals will suffice ... the argument over either can rage between me and whatever articles are published on that one.

One area not covered in any postings is the situation where a carer becomes a carer virtually overnight ... with a reasonable salary and sizeable mortgage beforehand ... I will assume no insurance around to cover that eventuality but I shall do me homework.

The recent change in how the DWP treat mortgage interest relief being the catalyst for that section.

Always reminded of a neighbour from 26 years ago ... his mortgage interest was covered but the monthly premium on the supporting endowment policy exceeded the monthly amount paid in benefits !

Even switching to a repayment mortgage didn't help that much ... nor did stopping the endownment policy early help ... he lost £ '000s on that alone !

Enforced downsizing due to lack of finances also will be investigated ... I'll use part of my experience for that element.

Keep 'em coming ... someone either push the green button or send me on an enforced holiday !
How about a piece on letting out a parent's home to produce rental income for parent to help fund care home fees? Pros and cons

Yes go for it :D