I have followed Wendy's campaign , in Norfolk , for free computers for carers , for a number of years.

I am pleased to report some successful results.

A search ... Free Computers For Carers ... will reveal several other initiatives around the country.

A link to Wendy's site :


A search ink for many others :

https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=free+ ... eAgAbsnIwg

Our own supporting organisations ?

Nowhere to be seen ... as if that may come as a surprise ???

Needless to add ... any old computer equipment ?

Why not donate to a local organisation ?

Ironically , even with a computer ... many carers would not be able to squeeze in the monthly charge for an Internet service provider.

I discussed that element with Wendy sometime back in 2010 / 2011 ?

With Internet access essential under UC , perhaps Trussells are already thinking along these lines ?

Perhaps a tie in with one of the larger ones with a discount ????

A copy of my email to Trussells today :
Hi guys.

Food bank thread on the Carers UK forum continuing
.... now with 9,502 reads as I type.

Carers UK Thread : Food Banks

A couple for you :

Fuel ... anything happening on the oil / propane gas front ?

Computers ... vital for many family carers ... essential for most
UC claimants.

Many organisations provide free computers BUT ... monthly cost
of an Internet service provider ?

Tie in with any of the larger ones with a discount for food bank
users ???

Keep up the good work !