Hertfordshire Increase in Charges and funding cuts

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GOVT says it gave Councils £2bn and the ability to increase Council Tax, so no cuts to Social Care needed.
What they don't tell you, is that since 2010, the Government has been reducing the Revenue Support Grant with a view to eliminating it in 2021. This means that HCC has to find £89m of cuts between 2018 and 2021. 50% of that will come from Adult Social Care.
The additional funds from the £2bn has gone in plugging gaps created by Govt policy. The precept went on the increase to the minimum wage.
So the cuts could go ahead if we don't fight.
Carers in Herts is helping us write to our MPs and County Councillors to make our views known. If you live in Herts please join us in this fight.
One for readers from Hertfordshire , and others , to support.

For Hertfordshire , a latecomer , welcome to many other LAs over the country who have done exactly the same since January 2017 ... increase council tax and , manage to cut social care spending ... at the same time ... thus sucking more money out of the local economies which , in turn , leads to economic and social decline ... a never ending spiral leading to decay.

Hardly ever a mention of another problem ... many LAs have large deficits in their pensions funds needing to be funded and the usual saving grace ... growth ... is slowing more rapidly than the government anticipated.

Almost a perfect vice.
The pressure on the Stevenage MP has at least got him talking to the County. can get something done about the cuts