Petition re mobility component of DLA

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The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has launched a new petition to call on the Government to drop proposals to remove the Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component for people living in residential care – including children attending residential schools.
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Thanks Charles
Done with strong message in the comment section.
You little beauty Annie, many thanks

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Easy, it could me in the future, but I added the message that removal of the DLA component to those in residential care would be a return to the ghettoisation of the most severely disabled in institutional care, hidden from public view and unable to participate in wider society which I had already identified as a need which the DLA mobility component meets.
DLA is being scrapped anyway so any debate about the mobility component would seem redundant.
"Scrapped" would suggest that it will no longer exist in any form, the proposals are to change its name and change the eligibility criteria thereby cutting the number of people with entitlement, I believe that the ill-thought-out, unjustifable intent to completely remove entitlement to the mobility component from a specific group needs fighting as much as the equally ill-thought-out, unjustifiable proposals currently out for consultation.
"Scrapped" would suggest that it will no longer exist in any form
That's correct