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Fair Care Home Fees For All*** - Carers UK Forum

Fair Care Home Fees For All***

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Hello Everybody the Title is for a new petition so ALL. Residents Pay the same fees. LA & Self funders. Have posted it in the Petition forum , there is also a Official letter for the Government attached too the Petition (explaining how this can be done)

Please support and sign if you wish too ~ The system in my view needs changing & make the fees fairer for ALL.

Thank you for reading and your support.

( It is doing well with lots of Signatures but it needs many more !)

Thank you so much

Annie 44. X
If my understanding is right (and it might well not be!), the reason LAs pay less is that they 'bulk buy' spaces, and so get a volume discount - and that the amount that self-funders pay is the 'real' cost (???)

So, I was wondering, if lots of self-funders joined some kind of 'bulk buy co-op' that one could join, that co-op could similarly 'bulk buy' as many home places as a LA pays, and therefore should get the same volume discount, which could be passed on to each self-funding member of the coop. ????
We would just like some help as self funders....

I phoned 5 carehomes in search of some respite care as I was desperate for a break and on the verge of a breakdown.
Two where full. The third told me that the respite beds are blocked booked by the council....The forth one would only deal with me if I had a social worker. But social services had already told me as a self funder I would have to find a home myself......

The fifth one said there was a space available end of July but when I called back again I was told that they wouldnt have given out that information as it was like they where able to predict when someone was going to die.
So after a bloody good cry I have pulled myself together again and plod on the best way I can in looking after my mum. But the system isnt fair.....
Hi Linda, sorry to hear things are bad and you are desperate for a break. I totally agree with the fair care home fees for all. In Scotland if you have no money it's free, if you have over £34,000 in savings or a hem then you have to pay for most of it. I have seen online that there are places, if you can afford it take dementia patients on a holiday type basis maybe this would help.