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Help Make Carer's Allowance #FairerForCarers - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Help Make Carer's Allowance #FairerForCarers

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Social Services were told that my son HAD to move into residential care when he was 16. I'd been removed from the respite list as a punishment for making a formal complaint about the lack of respite care. I only wanted one day a week. Then I was so ill they had to fund 7 days a week!
I had the same reply from Mp as Ian
Carers allowance is a benefit for people who cannot work due to caring responsibilities, if they think people can give up work to live on carers allowance they are deluded, the only way I could care for my son with severe learning disabilities, challenging behaviour was because my husband worked his socks off on a building site for low wages. He died at 65 yrs old , I am now a pensioner myself living on just a state pension still careing for my son alone and recieve no carers allowance . Yet people I know with no careing responsibilities recieve the same pension as me and were able to build private pensions . Governments do not care about unpaid carers and the flippant reply from MP made me feel worthless and unappreciated. Perhaps I should of put my son into residential care were he would have needed one to one care at a massive cost but I just couldnt do it , he is so vunerable . Covid has made things even harder as all his daycare and respite has been closed since last march and have had no support , no one really cares
A schoolgirl takes on world leaders on climate change and get them to rethink their ideas.
A footballer takes on the government on meal's for kids during school holidays and within months they changed their minds .
The reason why they were successful was because of social media something carers UK are useless at. Very few people outside of carers know how hard it is to work 100 hours plus a week a for £67 a week it is slavery. A 35p a week increase is just a slap in the face. Maybe your right it is time everyone just stopped caring and tell the government you do it .....
I have just had my carers allowance stopped because of a rental property. I care for my Mother 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I may go down the road of getting more help and the dwp can cover the cost which will be a lot more than they have stopped from me. Oh and to add, they are looking at me refunding allowance back to October last year.
Well the way you have to go about trying to get a post put up in this forum is a waste of time and effort this site has done nothing to help me

If you explained the problem you wanted help with, we might be able to help you.