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Petition to get Government to Publish the Carers Strategy

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Hi, my name is Katy and I started a petition to get government to publish the Carers Strategy. I'm a carer myself, I provide care for my husband who has a rare form of motor neurone disease.

I along with 6,500 carers and carers organisations were consulted on the strategy in March 2016. It was expected that the Strategy would be published at the end of 2016. Carers waited throughout 2017. Finally an action plan was announced last November. This was due at the end of January but has failed to arrive. I was so annoyed that my carer's voice, along with all those others carers' voices had been silenced and precious time wasted that I wrote this petition to get Government to publish the Carers Strategy. Carers support organisations throughout the country are starting to support the petition, along with many MPs. All recognise that its a poor way to treat carers. Some local authorities are even resorting to writing their own strategies. We need a national strategy, so that all carers no matter where they are can receive the same support. If you feel you can support this petition by signing and sharing it, I would be very grateful. Every single signature will make a huge difference. Thank you, Katy

The following , existing thread will be of assistance here :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... t=strategy

From our point of view , a chicken / egg situation.

Ideally , carers will be consulted ... apparently , some have already been consulted but none have reported back on here ( ??? ) ... in line with the " Phoney " consultations almost a decade ... BEFORE any " Strategy " is planned let alone finalised.

I will asssume that , at least one carer , mentioned our " Lord Kitch " ... all issues together under one thread for anyone to peruse ???

Lord Kitch thread :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... rd%20kitch

We still await the publishing of the outcome of the DWP / Carers UK meeting back in March 2017 ... Michael did post on the Strategy thread that it would be ... sigh ???

In the real world , we can only expect the worst as the existing thread makes great pains to point out.
I wanted to update you all on the live Carers Strategy petition. Since I last wrote here I've nearly got 1,000 signatures which is encouraging. There's a long way to go still.

What's been encouraging has been the support from carers support organisations up and down the country who have been encouraging the carers they support to sign, share, and write to their own MPs and meet with them and discuss carers issues. These organisations have been putting the petition in magazines, in their own online publications and in newspaper articles. They've been sharing on social media as they are as annoyed as many of us are. We have started to get cross party support and I am continuing to work on increasing this.

I was on my own local BBC radio station on Friday talking about the petition and life as a carer and the presenters have promised to keep at government, as it gave a standard "we value carers" response from the Department of Health and Social Care but no indication of when the Action Plan or Strategy would be published.

If you feel you can sign or share the petition every single signature will make a difference as it means unpaid carers voices are getting heard.

Thanks for all of your continued support.

Link to the Petition is below. If you don't get a second confirmation email when signing take a look in your spam folder. I've been told this email sometimes goes in there.


Thanks, Katy
In essence , a rerun of 2008 ( As per threads back then ) ... then came 2009.

At least a decade ago , the Government went through the motions of being seen to consult with all and sundry ... roadshows ... full sp of one appears in the CARERS STRATEGY thread.

And , back then , several independent carer forums reported contact with several mps ... as a spin off from the infamous Compass
thread ( John Battle , then Labour mp for Leeds West constituency started it ) , even advisors to the Government.

Yep , a decade on and ... are the monetary floodgates ready to open to ease our Plight ? ... or will around 120,000 carers be needing to visit a foodbank over this callender year ... a double headed coin toss ?

Politicos ? Interesting exchange recorded on the CS thread from 2008 ... with the political parties in reverse rolls ... sums up their world quite majestically ?

Good luck with the petition.

Even the FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT FOR CARERS petition remains under 5,000 over a year or so.

Friendly bet on the outcome when compared with the last one ... and that was , literally , a total write off when dealing with the number one priority ... finances ?

Beneficiary to be the local foodbank ?
Petitionwise ... 1,074 to date.

Bring on the bad news ... some carers are so masochistic at times ... isn't the trials and tribulations of caring enough pain and misery ???

No doubt , and following past practice , some carer organisations will applaud no matter what's in the strategy !!!

Perhaps some will mistake Jeremy Hunt for Josef Stalin ... for some , either applaud or have your funding cut ???

Another thread elsewhere ... and not mentioning any names or locations ... £ 500K grant from an LA to run a carers centre ???

If so inclined , I would need a couple of hundred to set up and run an effective carers centre here in Worksop !!!

Run on the basis that we'll find you and at a time and place to suit you ... if necessary !!!

At grass roots level , I consider the though of actually " Paying " anyone to run a local carer centre , or employ paid staff , repugnant on more than one level.

Acid test ... as detailed in the main thread !!!

Nothing more , and certainly , nothing less !!!
Petition ?

1, 214 as I type.

Submissions ahead of the Carers Strategy ?

In the absence of CarerWatch this time around , only those seen so far are from our supporting organisations as mentioned under the main thread.

Trawling on and off over the past month has revealed preciously nothing , nowhere !

Again , from the main thread , what a contrast in 2018 when compared with 2008 ... !!!

If left to me , I would simply send whosoever " Lord Kitch " ... short note ... " Sort that lot out , your lordships ! "

As for the customary " Brown envelope " , anyone spare a couple of foodbank vouchers ... for a good cause ?

Suffice to say . and IF independent of the Green Paper on social care , probably take some trawling to find the released article outside of our supporting organisations ... no doubt , with their take on it.

After all , the only people who will have an " Interest " in it will be us , all 6.5 million +.
I wonder what the author , and the numerous carers said to have been consulted made of " That Plan ? "

No one can excuse me of not warning them ?

Never know , a few might have towed our supporting organisations line and actually welcomed it ?

Still , dead and to be buried shortly on this forum.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... land-33403

Perhaps a new petition / campaign to hasten the Green Paper on Social Care ?

After " That Plan ? "