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After the recent " Nutrition " session on the forum , add a nutritionist allied to Trussells to our list.

I'll then repeat the scenario presented during that said session , and see what our guest nutritionist
can offer HALF the carer army with daily resources on par with that scenario.

Said scenario for those who haven't seen it :

Family of four ... mom ( Carer ) / dad ( Caree ) and 2 kids ... say 8 and 5.

Full range of benefits ... this week ... £ 15 available for food and energy ( Eat and Heat ) ... tenants ... prepayment meter.

( Standard meter ... not one that goes through the landlord's meter first ! )

Kids ?

No school ... holiday ... so no relief there with a free school meal ... no breakfast club run by their school during the term holiday periods.

A suggested menu for the week ... giving likely expenditure on that prepayment meter ?

( Assume electric cooker available ... a few pots and pans ... like me , a fridge but no freezer ... precious little else. )

Assume no foodbank parcel coming to the rescue.

( Not untypical for a low million or two or so carers and their carees / family out there ? )

The above will resonant with many carers and their carees surviving on meagre rations across the whole of the UK

School holidays before long ... how many children will be considered lucky to eat well over those weeks ?

How many low millions will not ??????????
Another fortnight , no sign of any real response from CUK.

Needless to add , things are getting worse by the day in CarerLand.

( LA cuts ... posted earlier this morning. )

Time to seek some " Comfort " from the experts out there ... if that word can be applied to us.

Surely , some on our wish list can give us some ?

Even a " Sorry , all the lifeboats went ages ago " would not go amiss ?

At least our fate would be confirmed ?

Even someone to give us all the Last Rites ... the CarerLand version ?
Short of launching a petition aimed at CUK , and the crisis deepening in social care , little else I can do.

Highest priority ... Green Paper ... extend an invite to either , or both , professors ... Clements / Beresford ... for their
input on what needs to be done ... and where they see us in all this.
John Perryman

Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer at Carers UK

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Nonprofit Organization Management

Now added to our short list ... " Fairer for Carers " would be an interesting place to start ?

There again , other readers would probably beat me to it ?
13 months on and ... CUK still deliberating ?

I hope the mention of Professor Luke Clements in a couple of new threads will act as a reminder.

Nest step ?

A first.

A petition aimed at CUK !