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Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ? CUK Deliberating Since ... 6 July 2018. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ? CUK Deliberating Since ... 6 July 2018.

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Perhaps it will be delayed as mps cannot get to the House as a direct result of traffic jams caused by thousand of lorries awaiting to cross the Channel ... fields set up for emergency car parks now under a foot of water as unseasonal bad weather also has impeded movement.

No parking spaces anywhere in London ... the Congestion Charge system has suffered a software glitch ... are foreign drivers now to pay more ???

London traffic wardens taking the law into their own hands ... no prospect of being paid as the GLA has just declared itself bankrupt.

In addition , the GBP has fallen through the floor and all those with financial interests are running for cover.

The Green Paper now a priority given those circumstances ?

Be thankful for small mercies ... our mass " Execution " may be delayed ... again.
As that Green Paper draws ever nearer , time for a definite answer from CUK on this issue.

A leading academic PLEASE ... so at least a few concerned posters can get an expert view on what the
Green Paper really means for them ... even their fears as to what may well be in it.

After all , when the microphones are shoved under noses for the reaction , our leading academic may be the
most sort after nose for comment !

Profs ... Luke Clements / Peter Beresford ... even a joint 2 / 3 hour session ?

Is that too much to ask ???
I suppose we're still waiting Chris?
Yep ... I suspect that my number choice ... THE MAN for Social Care ... Professor Luke Clements may
be considered a little " Too hot " for Carers UK ?

Luke Clements is the Cerebra Professor of Law and Social Justice at the School of Law, Leeds University.
Luke is also a solicitor with Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd. He has had conduct of many cases before the European Commission and Court of Human Rights. In 1996 he was the solicitor who took the first Roma case to reach the Strasbourg Court Buckley v. UK (1996)

He has helped draft and promote a number of Parliamentary Bills aimed at improving the rights of people experiencing social exclusion – including Bills that became the Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995 and the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004. In 2013 he was the Special Adviser to the Parliamentary Committee that scrutinised the draft Bill that resulted in the Care Act 2014.

Luke’s academic research and litigation experience is primarily concerned with the rights of people who experience social exclusion, including disabled people and their carers.

Luke is a Patron of the Disability Law Service and a Special Adviser to the Spinal Injuries Association. He has written widely – details of his books and articles can be found on the Publications pag

Army of carers must get 'militant wing' to win rights, expert says.

Carers must 'get angry and militant' to demand better rights, one legal expert has said.

Professor Luke Clements, from Cardiff University, said carers must demand political change, with legions of unpaid family members feeling the strain of looking after their loved ones.

Speaking at Hay Festival, he argued it was time for carers to become militant in their fight for fairness and funding, ensuring politicians have post bags full of letters pressuring them to help.

Saying they may need the modern-day equivalent of the suffragettes, Prof Clements, who has advised the government on care policy, said Britain must change its attitude towards denigrating dependent people and condemning their cost to society.

"What we need to do is to be angry," said Prof Clements, director of Cardiff University's Centre for Health and Social Care Law. "We need to demand political change.

"We need to have resources. What we need to do is enormous policy change.

"I try to encourage all the groups I go to to develop a militant wing and encourage them to nominate somebody to throw themselves under the Queen's horse, basically.

"Because I think carers have got to become militant.

"The law does give people very good advice but collectively you cant really change the situation without politicians postbags being full of this stuff."

He added concerns about an ageing population were too often framed as "those dreadful old people", with people being told to fear the rising costs of care.

The new Care Act, he added, was an "honourable end" and "generally a good piece of legislation", but is severely hampered by a lack of funding.

The new Care Act, he added, was an "honourable end" and "generally a good piece of legislation", but is severely hampered by a lack of funding.

For once Luke , we're right and your wrong.

LA cutbacks since 2004 ... virtually all of us affected ... asking us BEFORE signing said Act in law might have prevented what
followed ... after all , what do WE know that those outside of CarerLand don't ???

The use of the words SHOULD / COULD / WOULD / are not exactly a clear madate to those whose responsibility is to observe
the provisions in the real world.
All very well Luke Clements saying that, but I have tried to engage his services a number of times and never got past his agency that takes calls on his behalf!
Same here BB.

Still , he has already contributed on the forum in a way ... video ... CHC thread ... will definately help any exploring
that route for their caree.

As a number two , Professor Peter Beresford ... interesting exchange a couple of years ago ( Guardian article ... caree/ carer
a partnership ? ) ... might need my number one contact from CarerWatch days to entice him in ... if CUK ever give the green light.

Peter Beresford OBE is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at Brunel University London and was also the former Director of the Centre for Citizen Participation. His particular areas of focus are public, patient and service user involvement in policy and practice; democratisation and participatory approaches to research, particularly in relation to user controlled and user involvement research.

He has a longstanding involvement in issues of participation and service user involvement in research and evaluation, as writer, researcher and educator. His areas of particular interest are disability, mental health, palliative care, social work and social care, welfare reform, social work education and participatory research.

He is an academic who is also actively involved in the development of policy, practice and research through affiliations and strong networks with national (and international) research, policy, practice and service user organisations and structures.

His involvement in policy and practice development has a particular focus on social care and social work. He has been a member of many government and non-statutory committees and is currently a trustee of the National Skills Academy for Social Care and member of the Department of Health’s Ministerial Forum for Social Care Leadership and Workforce Recruitment and Retention Group. He is also a Fellow of the NIHR School for Social Care Research and a Visiting Professor at Edge Hill University

The Centre for Citizen Participation had a record of successful research and other collaborations with other academic, professional and public organisations nationally. Peter is also Chair of Shaping Our Lives, the national user controlled organisation and network concerned with the strategic development of user involvement and improved service quality in health and social care. Shaping Our Lives is a strategic partner for user involvement in the third sector with the Department of Health and a frequent research partner of Brunel University London.

He has published widely in his fields of interest (see http://www.scie-socialcareonline.org.uk/searchp.asp). He writes regularly in the Guardian and writes a regular column in the journal of The College of Social work (see also http://journalisted.com/peter-beresford and http://www.theguardian.com/profile/peterberesford.

Even renamed one thread after one of his articles ... GREEN PAPER becomes RED HERRING PAPER ?

Back to Luke ... VIDEO ... Care Act 2014 ... should keep a few going for just under 110 minutes ?


Not to be outdone , Peter Beresford on Social Care back in 2015 ... 85 minutes worth :


( I still imagine these two allied with CarerWatch over a decade ago ... and a few others ... if only ?????? )

As a condemned army ahead of the Green Paper , aren't we even allowed a last request ???
I will assume that we not be allowed to nominate quest speakers onto the forum ?

Chris From The Gulag wrote : ↑
22 Apr 2019 09:58

Much as we appreciated our new c.e.o. making time to introduce herself to us , don't lose sight of OUR request to nominate
guest visitors onto the forum.

Now 9 months since we first requested this " Facility. "

Hi Chris,

Thank you for this helpful suggestion. I’m pleased to let you know that in Carers Week (10-16 June 2019) we plan to have a guest session on the Forum which will be run by a nutrition expert from our partner Nutricia. This session will provide lots of tips for carers on eating well and also on how you can ensure that the person you are looking after maintains a good diet.

During Carers Week we will also have another Q&A session from one of our Helpline experts. During the coming year our I will also run further Q&A sessions on the Forum with Carers UK members. We would also welcome suggestions from members on further Forum guest sessions that we could run in 2019/20.


.... if my reading between the lines is correct ???

Perhaps our c.e.o.stood for election to the House in a former life ?

Reply reads ... as one wants to read it ... although any nominations would be subject to CUK's approval ???

Professors Clements and Beresford still top of my short list.

.... and that Green Paper looms on the horizon.

How do they see our role in all of that ????
Add Harry Quilter-Pinner and / or Dean Hochlaf to the short list.

Authors of the " Social care : Free at the point of need " report.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... ?start=110

Perhaps we should start our own petition ... aimed at CUK to allow us to invite guest speakers onto the forum ?

Given present traffic , a couple of hundred by the end of the year ???

Perhaps 300 if someone advertises said petition on FaceAche and Parrot House ?

( Street names for Facebook and Twitter ! )
Carers Week ?

Forum wise ...probable useful sessions on benefits / community law and nutrition ... plenty of interesting
questions to be answered already on the table ... will they be left on it ???

As for our Guest Speakers , silence !

Green Paper ... will determine the playing field for the next decade or so.

Time for us to ask the real experts out there for their views on our predicament ?

Where do we fit in with the Green Paper ?

A mere appendage ???