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Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ? CUK Deliberating Since ... 6 July 2018. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ? CUK Deliberating Since ... 6 July 2018.

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Another one to consider ... highly relevant given that HALF of all family / kinship carers are " In The Street. "

Emma Revie ... Chief Executive ...The Trussell Trust.

Survival at street level ... what advice and guidance would see give to us ... given our underlying servience to our carees ?

New insight ... sorely needed me thinks ?

Any plans to re-engage with carers that have fallen through that mythical safety net ?

If anyone out there is capable of doing so , Trussells are in the right place ... where the action is ... on the Street ... and where our Plight is plain to see for anyone wanting to venture into it !
New CEO due in shortly.
Carers UK is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Helen Walker. Helen joins the organisation from the national volunteering charity TimeBank where she has spent ten years as Chief Executive. Helen will take over as Carers UK's new Chief Executive on 3rd December 2018

One more to add to the list of " Possibles " ?

Be " Nice " to get some initial thoughts from Helen ... especially as she will occupy " The Seat " during the end game for all family / kinship carers once that infernal Green Paper makes it way out of the shadows.

Add on the future of social care funding ... and close to 4 MILLION of us on " The Street " ... not an ideal time for anyone to take over ... just what lifeboats does she see out there ... coming in from the outside ?
Maybe Helen could come and say hello to the forum, and tell us more about herself?
In any event , she'll need to hit the ground running ... too many issues left to rot over the past two decades.

Unless , of course , her mandate will be to let sleeping dogs lie ... and tow the " Official " line ?
I do hope not! Surely if we all work together we can make some progress at last, because it feels as if not a lot has been achieved.
Reconfirmation as a " Charity " was the starting gun ... and all that goes with the label ... Gagging Orders being just one of them.

Mere spectators as the purge on all those demned incapable of work continues ... even on all of us despite that £ 132 BILLION saving.

More out of curiosity than hope , a subtle change in direction ... any direction more than welcomed ?

Hence that blue whale of a conundrum for carers ?

Lord Kitch adequately spells out " What's wrong " out there ... some of those issues have been outstanding for more than 30 years !!!

Most raised before in the past ... as several threads point out ... only to be abandoned and forgotten ever since.

Resolution at the CUK AGM in 2004 ... raising CA ... ring any bells ?
I have come to the conclusion that only by challenging councils in the courts will change happen.
Certainly on the social care front ... even if said Judgements are NOT often followed by other LAs ... unless an alert person points that out to the offending LA.

One major disadvantage of a " Charity " ... cannot take a pro active role ... unless , of course , they are Greenpeace / Shelter / Trussells and a few others out there ... all charities but each with a different mandate from whosoever governs their policy ???

As for family / kinship carers , headless and leaderless ... that blue whale of a conundrum yet again.

Still ... that's for Helen to consider ... a free or tied hand ?
Add Professor Martin Green to that short list.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... eist-35200

Martin Green has had an extensive career in NGO development, nationally and internationally, and is Chief Executive of Care England, the largest representative body for independent social care services in the UK. He is also Chair of the International Longevity Centre, and a Trustee of Independent Age and the National Aids Trust.

In 2013 he was appointed Visiting Professor of Social Care to Buckinghamshire New University.

In 2012, in his role as Department of Health Independent Sector Dementia Champion, he led the development of the Dementia Care and Support Compact for The Prime Minister's Challenge on Dementia and was awarded an OBE for Services to Social Care in the 2012 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

In 2008 he was named Care Personality of the Year.

Speaks our language ... in particular , on the future funding of social care.
From yet another thread , that Green / Red Herring Paper on Social Care ... now promised this Spring.

Probably day after Brexit ... hoping that said Paper will be buried so that nobody notices in the ensuring carnage ?

What better time to start wheeling in some guest speakers ????

Somewhat ironic if my number one choice , Professor Luke Clements , was the first upto the plate ?

Standing room only at his lectures.

And now , the possibility of this forum.

In football terminology , one man and his dog ?