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Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ? CUK Deliberating Since ... 6 July 2018. - Carers UK Forum

Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ? CUK Deliberating Since ... 6 July 2018.

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Probably taken me around 14 years to post this " Suggestion. "

Occasionly , the hierachy have visited this Forum for a questions and answers session ... some have been good value for all readers.

Time for members to nominate " Guests " to do the same ... if they are willing.

Being at ground zero , there are several who could be very enlightening for views on / recommendations for CarerLand but not obvious to Carers UK.

Difference prospectives but ... alternative ways of looking at the big picture ?

Informative as opposed to argumentative.

As an example , my number one choice would be Professor Luke Clements.

Earlier thread dovetails into the reasons why :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... 20clements

Politicos ? Only if readers want a mud slinging session ?

Any thoughts ?
The odd executive from one of the caree supporting organisations would not amiss ?

Given the number of " Senior citizens " posting on this Forum ... me included ... Age UK springs to mind.

Even now a member of the Twirlies Club having used me new bus pass last week !

Certainly saves me having to wear a Millwall scarf just to get a seat ?

What would they make of carers in their 80s and 90s still caring ... some at the heavy end and also disabled themselves ?
No one ?

Okay , I concede ... a politico ?

If so , don't hold me responsible !
2 suggestions spring to mind....

1............ representative from CQC
2.............. same from HealthWatchUK
Someone from the NHSexplaing the Continuing Healthcare postcode lottery, especially explaining how retirement areas like the New Forest, don't have a proportionaaly larger number of CHC eligible patients. Recent figures in Which were a national disgrace.
Makes 3 with the Professor Luke Clements.


A Sunderland supporter as well , perhaps ? ... knowing your yearning to takeover my old roll as I have taken over yours ?

'bout time someone provided me with some new trawling nets ???

One to be fed to the lions ... and lionesses ... if the magpies haven't already picked the carcass clean ???


Quick perusal of their website ... reads as if someone forget their false teeth in their reviews.

No. 4 ?

Barbara Keeley , mp ... mistress of ceremonies on Carers Day in the House ... former " Advisor " to the old PRT ( Now Carers Trust ) on her cv ( In ink so it cannot be rubbed off ? ) ... would be in the frame.

If arrangements could be made for me to be " Helping the police with their enquiries " ( That would be a novelty , wouldn't it ... Chris ? ), or some other three line whip type excuse for being absent during the online discussion , that might be interesting for others to witness , at first hand , just what we are facing in the House ?

For what could probably be on the menu , look no further than the transcript of last year's Carers Debacle in the House available in past postings or still on Hansard.
Given the continuing number of CHC postings , a guest speaker on that subject ?

A comprehensive thread , including a video is one thing , would a CHC expert on here for a session help ?

Preferably someone on the outside with no conflict of interest ... a social care lawyer ?

At a slight stretch , adding unsafe hospital discharges so that we can continue the issues raised in that thread ?

Timing ... not all can be present for a fixed time / date ... bane of CarerLand ... questions / queries in advance would be essential.

Having said that , only Carers UK can organise that ... if we ask them , nicely ?

Once the Carers Strategy is known , would anyone be brave enough to appear even if invited ?
Thanks for this suggestion Chris and sorry I missed your original post on this.

As you say, in the past year our Chief Executive Heléna Herklots and Chairman David Grayson have both done Q&A sessions on the forum. I think it's a good suggestion to have a guest from outside Carers UK doing a Q&A session for members (e.g. CQC, Healthwatch) - I'll discuss this with colleagues and respond in this thread to let you know if we can set this up.

Thanks Michael.

Only you and me ( And an echo from CarerWatch ... and , of course , BB ) showing any interest as I type.

Like a football league with only two teams ?

One paying in red and white , the other playing in white and red ?

Bear in mind the Carers Strategy is due in the next few weeks.

If as bad as predicted , there won't be much of an audience.

Even then , most will be out for blood ... and expecting it ?

In addition , anyone wanting to face us after that ???

" I have every sympathy with your plight " etc.etc.

Would NOT go down very well ... even before the CS ?

Save us all from platitudes ... still , they don't cost money ?

ps. If any of the hierachy see the Prof about ... Professor Luke Clements ... nab him , even press gang him , take him out for a fish and chip dinner ( Borough ? On second thoughts , spare him a visit to the local A&E ) ... anything ... but get 'im on 'ere !!!
One more name to throw in the ring.

Frances Ryan ... journalist ... Guardian newspaper ... a link detailing just a few of her articles :


Not a bad portfolio ... could be a lot better IF she understands CarerLand ( Rather than imagining what it's like ? ).

That's where WE come in !

Old analogy of mind ... journalist writing an article about blindness and transport issues.

Quite simple ... take said journalist to nearest underground station ... very dark glasses to simulate real blindless / white stick ... " There you go pal , your destination is xxxxxxx ... off you go ... and NO peaking ! " ... forthcoming article should be a little more realistic ... provided , of course , our journalist does not land up in A & E ?

If Frances / CUK agree , three months attachment to a variety of family / kinship carers BEYOND setting foot on 'ere ?

If ever the carer army needed external allies ... Green Paper before long ... anytime is the right time.

The Guardian IS our number one newspaper ...articles posted in the NEWS SECTION outnumber all others by a factor of 10 or more.

Shame I cannot invite her direct ... that really would be a first ... and last posting from me ?

One Red thought it was a good idea ... inviting a guest for a session ... unfortunately for us , that's as far as it went.

No mention from CUK's chairman during his latest session on an almost empty forum.

Don't lose sight of the Prof ... one academic I would pay to meet !

He'll probably say the same about me ... only one difference ... paying to avoid ?