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E-Petitions Urgent signatures needed on 10 Downing St wbsite - Carers UK Forum

E-Petitions Urgent signatures needed on 10 Downing St wbsite

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Please may I draw your members attention to the e-petitions on the 10 downing street website - the closing date for the petition about carers is nearly up and it needs a lot more signatures - please visit the web site and look under health and care and sign the petitions relating to carers allowance and the one about funding long tem care - its urgent!!!
Hi jojo,
I would love to sign the petition but cannot find the site with the petition you mention. Can you give me more details please (or any other kind person)
Hi, Go to
10 Downing Street Website-Home
Then click on Petition the PM
Then click on View Petitions, it's on the left hand side of the page.
Then scroll down to Health and sign.
Hope this helps Image
Hallo amateur

Sorry I didnt give full details (bit busy)... and many thanks Myrtle for your help.

Myrtle's directions are exactly right but I'll give them again.

Go to http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/

then View Petitions

then the section Health, well being and care

then scroll down and you will see the 2 petitions ( the one for carers allowance deadline is 6th March) (dont know why Carers UK havent done a link).

Best wishes

Hi again..they say perseverance pays,but I could only find the petition for paying carers the minimum wage level. Is that right? I have signed it.
I cannot find the one for residential care but if you clarify that particular e-petition I will sign it willingly.

Go to the same section (Health, well-being and care) and scroll down the first page and there is a petition which is about long term funding for care - you should find it -

Fully fund long term care for our sick and elderly under the 1946 National Health Service Act and the 'Coughlan' Judgement in the Court of Appeal 1999.
Stephen Johnson 20 August 2007 Votes 453
[b]Please make the effort to sign the petitions as it is for the benefit of all

I am very disappointed by the lack of response to these petitions on this website. I cannot understand why there is so litle response...can anyone enlighten me? Image
Hi jojo.

Can't speak for everyone else but I've had a go, I sorted it eventually but the confirmation email keeps getting dumped into my Junk email bin. Seems my computer knows something! Image

Anyway, at the moment this forum isn't as big as it might be. Give it time - I've no doubt there will be more opportunities, and most, if not all, of the regulars on this site will indeed have signed.
Hi Jojo,

My name was already added a while back,sorry for not letting you know.

Take care