Had a letter from my MP today!

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I emailed our local MP, John Healey, after the budget and this was his response:-

Thankyou for taking the time to contact me with your concerns about the government's support for carers and recognition of how vital they are to those they care for and society more widely.

Before becoming an MP I worked campaigning for disabled people and their carers and continue to be heavily involved with local groups who support carers, such as the MS Society, Headway and others.

Whilst there may not have been a special focus in the budget on carers, the government has however done much to support carers over the years, though despite this I recognise that more is still needed. I have therefore written to Ivan Lewis, MP, Paliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Care Services) at the Department of Health, to get a full outline for you.

I would also be interested to know more about what you think would be the most helpful and important things for the government to do in providing more support for people like yourself who act as carers.

I will certainly be writing back to him, he'll wish he'd never asked Image

Paula xx
well done paula. we just have to keep on and on and on fighting and campaigning, if we do one day things will change and carers will be rewarded.

keep up the good work.
Well done Paula.

Keep up the good work

Our local MP has a clinic tomorrow morning....if I can get out I will go and see him, if not my feelings about the carer role and the rum deal we all get will be on his desk at Westminster when he returns on Tuesday.
Go get him Meg! My MP's had my response letter, I sent it yesterday - I doubt he'll like it but it's time they heard some home truths - that's what they get paid for Image