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I am looking for your support Many carers face huge financial difficulty and are unable to have much of a social life of there own as they can not afford to get around by public transport. It could be the simple task of getting to shops, collecting medication from the chemist, socialising with friends or doing many other caring duties that carers face on a daily basis.

Having concessionary travel or even a discount on travel would be such a huge help to carers across the country who already do so much.
I have started a petition campaigning for free/concessionary transport for unpaid carers please follow the link below

https://www.change.org/p/require-transp ... aid-carers
Simple question Amanda - why only petition for Scotland ?
Carers in the rest of the UK face exactly the same problem.
Hello there

I am not only campaigning for Scotland I'm not sure why people keep thinking this maybe it's who is listed. I have been contacting mps msps travel companies from whole of UK. I appreciate your question though and if have a suggestion on who to add let me know I have tried my best to target the best decision makers .
In Hampshire, where I live, it is possible to get a Companion Bus Pass, so if my son goes anywhere by bus, the carer with him goes free. However, carers travelling alone do not have a pass. Our biggest problem is that M lives 15 miles away as the crow flies, but there is no bus service worth mentioning in my part of the New Forest. Certainly none which is a viable alternative to a car. Although he would be entitled to free car tax, I'm not entitled to that either as I use the car when he is not with me.
AManda, I admire your intitiative and see you are getting support. Sorry I won't be signing. I am offering you nothing but an honest opinion, feel free to ignore me of course lol
I do not feel confident that this is a goer, for want of a better word, in itscurrent format. YOu see, for a start I don't know what you mean by "transport authorities" . TO me too it Looks like you are only campaigning for Scotland too. ANd Who exactly are you targeting? It is unclear.

Thing is, private companies are interested in commercial aspects. Whilst you might be trying for "sympathy vote" ..... I don't see that working. (I WOULD LURVE YOU to prove me wrong !!) And if you think national politicians will,be jumping on it......nuff said!! Nah.

I won't go on and on but in short this looks amateurish.....politicians get so many petitions and so little time.

What I do suggest is you sit back and review it all again.

I feel really mean and wish you well, really, but i believe this needs a re-think. Sorreee.
That's fine I understand your opinion we all have a right to one. I have the backing of bill mair from solidarity party who is going to be getting signatures when he hold stalls etc. I currently am waiting a reply from Neil Bibby who has taken the issue to the transport minister and also the coalition of carers are raising this issue at there next meeting . My petition has been added by Jean Freeman to the social security consultations and raised at the recent Carers Parliament . Carers trust are helping me with my campaign as well.

As I have said I have been mailing many transport companies with no success as of yet, national express and megabus have both stated it's a national issue.

If you look on my campaign it has transport minister of UK and few bus companies that only work in England. I can not add every person on the campaign . I have many carers centre support from areas of England also .

I am trying my best to target areas of UK to best of my knowledge . I have asked many people from elsewhere in UK with no reply.

I appreciate your opinion but I have worked very hard with hours and hours of networking to get the support I have so far. Please understand that I am not a campaigner as a career, I am simply one carer who is trying to make a difference.
I am delighted to be able to make the announcement that i can log Carers Trust Scotland as an official supporter of this petition.

This is huge step for all carers to get their voices heard and get this issue to decision makers.

Lets get our voices heard cllr , mps etc are now back in office please send your support of this petition and reason why this would change your life.

Share far and wide . We can do this !