bad things happen when good people do nothing

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Quite frankly I have had/seen/heard enough BS that is directed towards the disabled - that doubtless impacts upon carers too! So, I wish to start a political party. No, I don't know how to go about it - no, I don't have a background in politics. But I do know this can't go on any longer.

It costs £150 to start a party - there are thousands of us being persecuted by our government. I invite you - and anybody else who feels oppressed to join. When we have enough members, I will ask those who can to put £1.00 in, or whatever they can afford to get the party started.

We are a newly formed group but already have 117 members. So, come, join us - together we can put a stop to this nonsense!
A good starting point would be an established pressure group.

Disability Rights seems to fit that bill :

So far , a loose confederation without any , obvious , Austrian paper hangers around ... for now ?

As for carers , our Lord Kitch spells out what needs to be fixed in no uncertain terms : ... rd%20kitch

Prior to 2009 ( Separate thread again ! ) , things were progressing between various carer groups ... and then came the System's response ! ... hilit=2009

Well worth reading if anyone wants to learn a little of the history of carers ... without contamination ?