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Thanks for that Fran.
hey matt, sorry to say I agree with fran, although u have started a very good topic of conversation dont mean u can sort of swing it round to be a bit below the belt , if its because some thing in your own lifes really got up yer nose then post up the prob- people on here are happy to listen and give advice, no one would make u feel silly, . give the people on here a chance-

we have to have a laugh at alot of the form filling and lack of options to say wot we do (and whos to say if my life was different and i had confidence i wouldnt have a job like that? lol)

And Excalibur- his a really great chap, the pen is mightier than the sword Image
Even hubby puts me down as a HOUSE(wife) on the forms.
Is there a box saying HOUSEKEEPER? that would be far more appropriate for my activities, rather than house(wife).