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Give us recognition!!!! - Carers UK Forum

Give us recognition!!!!

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I have recently noticed something on the internet (many before me will have done too no doubt) and it is the listing on websites of categories of employment details where we, as carers, are not even mentioned and end up as "other". Appropriate as that may be for the "forgotten ones" in Governmental eyes it is getting on my nerves, not that I want a medal, just recognition that I exist! I have attached an email I sent to the BBC last night and would urge all Carers that see a website not listing "Carer" as a bonefide job title to email that company to change their ways. Why should we be forced to put "Other" or (even worse) "Unemployed" on application forms, for insurance as an example, when we should have a category for the 1.2M out of a 30M UK adult workforce all to ourselves? Incidently, I am not miserable being a Carer and get a lot out of it so it should be recognised in celebration and not in sympathy.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I was filling out your Big Personality test and felt duty-bound to stop and write to you. As a full-time carer (one of approximately 1.2 million where it is not possible to even work part-time) it is, by association of the name, my full-time job - 168 hours a week - and I am appalled to see that there is no category to place myself in. I am not in employment or unemployment, not in education or retired and, while I am a homemaker on the side, I am not that as a principle activity.

In the list "Select the category that best describes your occupation" I am an "other" and in the "Which of the descriptions best describes the sort of work you do?" I am "other" also. Do you not think that there are enough of us to warrant a category or is the BBC just not interested.

Yours Faithfully

Matthew Appleby
Well done Matthew. Keep us posted if you get a reply please.
Brilliant letter! This is soemthing that really annoys many carers and changing the culture is a real hard slog but letters like this really help.

Welcome to the forum.


PS - I love Walton - great place, you're very lucky to live there!
The Scottish Household Survey includes an occupational category: "Looking after the home or family" that covers both carers and stay-at-home-parents. But in terms of household social classification, carers are classified according to the occupation of the principal earner in the household - if nobody is working this is social Class E - basically welfare recipients. This doesnt carry any loading or stigma, it is just an attempt to describe the household and is very useful in terms of mapping poverty and social need.
"if nobody is working this is social Class E - basically welfare recipients. This doesnt carry any loading or stigma, it is just an attempt to describe the household and is very useful in terms of mapping poverty and social need."

By your attempts (or have I read it wrong?) to justify this dodgy description you have awoken me from a trip to bed!

"if nobody is working"?! Are you really a carer? I found 20 years in IT sitting on my arse a damn sight easier than this. Also "This doesn't carry any loading or stigma" - I pick my youngest up most days from school and I stand next to some other men (amongst the Mums) who do it and I know they have never worked. I feel I should wear a t-shirt "CARER, NOT A LAZY GIT" just to stop them judging me.

I do not need someone to map my social need or my poverty ( though this is relative compared to a homeless Haiation after the earthquake), I would just like the Government to add up how much it would cost them if 1.2 million people went to work and asked them to provide the necessary care against a carer's allowance that allowed me to put the heating on without thinking twice about it. A mere 50p an hour would allow my children to do all the school trips that their friends do and would help ease the guilt my wife feels for being disabled and not being able to be a "proper" Mum. I don't think that makes me a greedy person does it?

I apologise if I have read your comments incorrectly but you come across as an apologist for a system which rewards the idle with housing allowances, council tax benefits and the like yet takes my carer's allowance into account when calculating my income support and reduces it accordingly. (PLEASE don't get me started on the winter fuel allowance for the every pensioner (not means tested) against the £25 I received last week. Cheers Gordon.)

Sorry for the rant guys and thanks for the messages of support. You're all stars and we all get something out of being a carer even if its just the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day. Other days I'd quite happily shoot her, obviously. Sorry love, only kidding.!!

I'm normally under the 'housewife/husband' category.
And I am one of the few people here who has stated publicly that I would like to sweep away the whole rotten system of benefits and state dependency and replace it with a social wage for all ... hardly an apologist - I'm one of the few true radicals, and it isnt because I want to keep people in poverty, the welfare state does that very nicely; it's because I want to help them lift themselves out of the dependency trap !
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I tick any box- ive been a black muslim and i work for the BNP or some forms ,
I always tick --prefer not to disclose on job applications- then thy have to phone to find out wot i do (im soooo tempted to say im a porn star as i get fed up with the- i care for my daughter blah blah blah)
Maybe i will say it next time - might be a good giggle to hear a jaw drop down the phone Image
No offence Mr Excalibur but by your username yo uobviously believe in fairy tales and calling yourself "one of the few true radicals" shows how bloody arrogant you really are. Up there with Mandela and Martin Luther I suppose?

I like the idea of putting p*** star but I'm a realist!! hahaha. Now you really are a radical pixienubbins.
Come on people. Stop getting at others. This isn't for getting at other people's views and beliefs. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTING EACH OTHER, WE'VE ALL GOT BLOODY HARD THINGS TO DO, we're not here to have a go at people. Especially, as a new member, you haven't got to know us really yet.
Please stop having a go. We don't do that on here.

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