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Food Banks : School Holidays Approaching And Beyond : A Timely Reminder ! As Carers WE Care ... Don't We ? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Food Banks : School Holidays Approaching And Beyond : A Timely Reminder ! As Carers WE Care ... Don't We ?

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Food banks scramble to stop a million children going hungry over holidays.

More families turn to food parcels to make up for loss of free school meals, extra childcare costs and benefit payment delays.

Church and community food banks are preparing for their busiest summer yet, providing meals for children during the school holidays as an increasing number of families struggle with delays in benefit payments.

The Trussell Trust, which supports more than 1,200 food banks, many based in churches, said demand over the next few weeks could exceed last year’s record of 87,496 food parcels during the summer holidays. The 2018 figure was a 20% increase on the same period the previous year.

Emma Revie, chief executive of the trust, said: “Food banks will do all they can to help families over the summer, with many running holiday clubs to support parents who find their income simply won’t stretch to meet the extra pressure of missing free school meals or paying for additional childcare during the holidays.”

The biggest increases between 2017 and 2018 were seen in the north-east and London, where the number of food parcels distributed in the summer holidays rose by 26.3% and 25.8% respectively. A parliamentary report two years ago estimated that the loss of free school meals over the school holidays added £30 to £40 per week to household outgoings, and that more than 1 million children were at risk of going hungry.

The problem has been made worse by the erosion of benefits year on year, the five-week delay before people claiming universal credit get their first payment, and the difficulties of finding money for extra childcare costs, according to Paul Morrison, policy adviser at the Methodist church. “Holidays should be a time for families to relax and enjoy time together,” he said. “But for the families of over 1 million children, the long summer holiday means a struggle to afford the basics, and increased isolation.

“I regularly meet parents for whom the long school holiday means they must skip meals to ensure their children have enough. It’s not right that this can happen in Britain today.”

Darlington Methodist Circuit, which has run a school holiday project, Make Lunch, for four years, has seen rising numbers. It supports up to 120 children and their families over the school holidays. “We’re making a difference to children who would miss meals, to parents who might not get food as they prioritise the kids, and to families who need to make difficult financial decisions in the holidays,” said Morvyn Sanderson, children and young people’s worker.

At the South London Mission, director Janet Corlett said: “Destitution is creeping up on people. We’ve got kids with anxiety and mental health issues because their lives are insecure, and in the summer the pressures increase.”
Free lunches for children over school holidays.

A charity at Stamford in Lincolnshire is offering children free lunches over the school holidays, to help families struggling with increased food bills during the summer.

'Second Helpings', is a food waste charity. The volunteers get regular supplies of surplus food from supermarkets. They turn them into meals and offer them on a 'pay as you feel' basis.
Notts churches feeding hungry children during summer holidays.

Churches in Nottinghamshire are hosting breakfast and lunch clubs in the summer holidays to help families going hungry due to the absence of free school meals.

Lauren Simpson, assistant development worker at Transforming Notts Together, Lauren Simpson said: “ ‘Holiday hunger' initiatives have been around for a couple of years, with the introduction of universal credit and low wages low-income families are finding it increasingly hard to find the extra money in the holiday to feed their children.

"The projects at Holy Trinity Lenton and Mansfield Baptist Church are new for this summer. And we (TNT) are planning to help churches start new projects in the October 2-week half term too.”

The Make Lunch project is a nationwide initiative offering a free hot meal to children from low income families. They work together with the schools in their communities to make sure the families that need it the most get invited.

Plea for Leeds food bank donations as school holidays spark huge increase in demand.

Universal Credit and the summer holidays have both had a major impact of food banks.
Parents skip meals to ensure children are fed in summer holidays, MPs say.

" Young people who go hungry during the break start term at disadvantage, " headteachers warn.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/educ ... 27471.html

Parents are skipping meals and surviving only on cereal during the school holidays to ensure their children are fed, MPs say.

Frank Field, chair of the work and pensions select committee, said the cross-party group of MPs have heard " Profoundly distressing " evidence from families who struggle during the summer holidays.

In a letter to education secretary Gavin Williamson and work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd, Mr Field has called for urgent action to stop children going hungry during the school break.

“ We heard about parents going without meals and surviving on cereal just to make sure their children were fed. We heard about families being plunged into debt, just to get by, ” he said.

Childcare costs and the need to buy school uniform, which can cost hundreds of pounds, further “exacerbates” the financial difficulties parents face during the holidays, the MPs found.
Right on CUK's own manor ... London Brorough of Southwark.

Nice to learn that the leftovers from the recent Birmingham roadshow found a good home ?

Food banks look for help preventing " Holiday hunger. "

Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP Neil Coyle is appealing to News readers to donate to the food banks and charities across the borough to help stop children going hungry during the schools holidays.

Last week the Labour MP chaired the latest meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on food banks, and heard shocking statistics about the number of children going without meals after term ends.

Across the country, half a million children are reliant on charities for basic essentials.

In his constituency, Coyle has urged well-wishers to donate food, shower and sanitary products, and baby good like nappies to Southwark food bank, Pecan, and other local charities who experience surging demand throughout July and August.

“The figures from Pecan, Oasis, the Central Southwark Community Hub and other independent local foodbanks show hundreds of Southwark kids needing feeding by charities this summer,” he told the News.

“This is shocking in our capital city in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet.

Every day we see really hungry kids. They shouldn’t be living like this.

In England’s poorest areas, summer holiday hunger schemes are being starved of cash, leaving many children short of food.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... ?start=290
Ground zero ... East Anglia ... and a familiar story :

Food banks plead for donations in bid to beat children's holiday hunger.

More than 80,000 items have been donated to a food bank appeal to stop children in Norfolk and Suffolk from going hungry this summer.

The three month appeal, run by Central England Co-op, has reached its halfway point, and the chain is pleading for the region's shoppers to continue to support its efforts.

The summer food bank appeal was launched in July this year after figures showed 37,885 children were living in child poverty in the region.

The 80,000 items donated at collection points in stores so far have supplied food banks in Norwich and Corby with enough food to create meals for over 20,000 families and youngsters this summer.

But food banks are urging people to keep donating due to a major rise in demand resulting in some coming close to running out of food.

Central England Co-op chief executive Debbie Robinson thanked donors for their generosity, but said: "Some are close to running out of vital items so we still need people to back our campaign."

Items that can be donated include shopping basket staples from tea, sugar and cereals to other essentials such as toiletries and hygiene products.

The food is then used to create either bigger food parcels for families with children or to provide special packed lunches for projects that tackle holiday hunger during the summertime.

Holiday hunger revolves around a rise in demand from families who see the safety net of free school meals removed during the summer holidays.

This often leaves people trying to stretch their budgets in order to eat and in some cases going without proper food during the holidays.

Matthew Scade, Waveney Food Bank project manager, said: "We cannot thank people enough for their donations but we would ask for them to please continue their support during the summer to ensure that we can help children at risk of going hungry and help us cope with unprecedented demand.

"Just one item being donated at the special collection points at Central England Co-op Food Stores this summer can make a real difference to a youngster who is struggling for food and living in poverty."

The Summer Food Bank Appeal is running until September 15, with special collection points currently in place in over 200 stores.

Central England Co-operative has permanent food bank collection points in hundreds of its stores all year, which have resulted in thousands of people every month from Birmingham to Norfolk being given enough food to cook meals.

The Society works with over 50 different food banks to provide emergency food and support to individuals and families in crisis throughout the year.
Pub giving 100 free meals a day to children going hungry in summer holidays.

Landlord sets up initiative amid warnings three million families are struggling to feed themselves out of term time.

A pub is to give away 100 free meals to hungry children every day for the rest of summer, in an attempt to help poor families struggling through the six-week holidays.

The hot dinners will be cooked up and dished out at the Crown Inn in Keynsham, Somerset.

The initiative is aimed at helping families who receive free school meals during term time and find themselves struggling with the extra economic burden during the elongated break.

But all parents will be able to arrive with youngsters and get the free feed – “no questions asked”.

It is the idea of landlord David Yeomans who had his lightbulb moment while donating at a foodbank last month.


“We went to give them a load of food," he says. "And then we thought, ‘Well, we cook a load of food every day anyway, and we would be able to do meals really cheaply, because we are already set up for that’.

The first meals were given out last week, and the initiative will run until the end of the holidays, The Bristol Post reports.

It came amid warnings that parents across the country are regularly going without food themselves in a bid to feed their children during the six-week break.

Up to three million families are experiencing “holiday hunger”, parliament’s work and pensions select committee has found.

Talking about his give-away at the Crown, Mr Yeomans added: “They get a free sandwich and then at the same time, we give them a free proper cooked meal that we’ve prepared that they can take home and reheat for tea later.

“It’s for all families who need an extra hand feeding the kids. You don’t need to buy anything and we won’t ask questions.”

He said that those who had already visited tended to be parents who were in work but had found themselves caught in the trap between low wages and zero-hour contracts.

“Some of the people that have come in you can see on their faces that they are uncomfortable, because it’s not a great situation to be in,” he said. “One woman came in and was almost in tears, and she said to me, ‘You don’t know how much help this is right now, thank you’.”
UK food banks run low as demand surges in school holidays.

Organisers say donations falling during the summer, just as more families seek help.

" Down to the last few tins " : summer crisis at Preston food bank.
Carers " Non " Rights day is fast approaching and ... true to form ... both supporting organisations are seeking to raise funds , for themselves , to assist carers.

A timely reminder for all readers as to where those funds should be heading ... for the direct relief of those 100,00+ who have needed food banks.

Enough said ?