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I found Ivan Lewis on facebook and since I cant be arsed wasting more money on postage. So i sent him this email

Dear Mr Lewis,

I am a full time Law student and a full time Carer for my fiance who suffers with Cystic Fibrosis. I was bitterly disappointed that there was nothing for Full time students who are carers in the recent National Carers strategy. I appreciate that this government has inherited an archaic and bigoted Social Care system from Tories. However, the full time study rule has still not changed in the 11 years that Labour have been in power. I am shocked that this rule has not changed especially as we have an ageing population and an increasing population of students.

I'd like to direct you to the following BBC points west article about my situation:

Furthermore I'd be happy if you would visit the facebook group that I have set up dedicated to the campaign to try to change this rule which has a few anecdotes of others that have been failed by the current system.

I'm not sure if you're aware of my situation, I've been in regular contact with my local MP Roger Berry and have discussed how ridiculous this rule his with him. I've tried contacting Gordon Brown but was disappointed that I didn't get a personal reply.

I hope that you take the time to watch the article and look at the facebook group. I'm going to have the facetiousness to ask you to sign this petition but I understand if you do not want to sign it.

I look forward to corresponding with you again.

Yours Sincerely

Alex Robinson
Student, Carer & Carer Campaigner

and then I found the Tory DWP fellow

Dear Mr Grayling,

I am a 20 year old full time Law Student who has the difficult job of being a full time Carer for my fiance, who suffers with Cystic Fibrosis.

As you may be aware the current law stands that those who are in full time education cant recieve Carers Allowance because there is a system of grants and loans. Also the fact that one is a student means they cannot have another 'full time' obligation, which is ludicrous.

I admit there are a system of grants and loans but loans all need to be paid back and grants are a beauraucratic knightmare and the amount of grants are still below the amount of Carers allowance.

I'd like to bring to your attention a University of Leeds study that stated that Carers save the NHS £87bn and I was wondering, if the conservatives got elected would any of that £87bn be directly transferred back into carers pockets. Meaning that Students who are Carers would recieve the Carers Allowance benefit?

Furthermore, I was hoping that you would have the time to watch this short clip about the current campaign that is running

Also I would also like to direct you to the facebook group that is running. As you will see, Nigel Evans, a colleague of yours has lent his support to this campaign and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to lend your support too. ... 0610605482

Lastly, I'd like to direct to an official online petition that has been set up by another student carer, I was wondering if you would like to sign it. I had the audacity to send the petition link to Ivan Lewis to see if he will sign it but I doubt he will

Thank you in advance and I look forward to corresponding with you again soon

Yours Sincerely

Alex Robinson
Student, Carer, Campaigner

Doubt i'll get a reply. Ivan lewis was busy agreeing with people about the 42 day detention plan. It seems he'd rather lock people up for 42 days instead of sorting out Carers Allowance
Well done Alex.Keep the pressure up sonna.