emails to ministers

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as you know ive sent off about 80 emails and 20 leters ive had just 2 replies and one of them from P.M. just said he had passed my letter on to d.w.p. and i did get reply
on all of the emails ive asked for a reply enclosed my postal address each time and phone number.
why wont they reply to me i feel ever so lonely
I have waited months sometimes to get a reply from my letters or emails, only last week i got a reply from a department that i wrote to last september, we just have to keep on going, dont give up, they would love that, as for the feeling of being lonely we all know what that is like but remember that you have lots of friends here who support you, take care and try to keep your chin up.

All the best Tony Image
Dear George

Sorry to hear that your feeling lonely, we all feel like that from time to time like Tony has said, but you know that we are all here should you need us.

Don't let them not replying dishearten you, I've waited many months as well on replies and some like you don't even have the courtesy to reply at all!

Do not give up, you do so much - keep strong!

Take care
Maryann x