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Email Campaign:

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Can I just add my thanks to all of you doing this. Media are especially difficult to get interested in caring as an issue, especially tabloids, so this all helps hammer home the message.

I just want to add my thanks to matt for supporting this idea, i have been very busy today with answering emails to my website, i had posted this idea on many sites so hopefully quite a few people have got involved, one day each month is easy to organise anyway, next month i shall post the intended target much earlier, thanks again to everyone who has supported this idea.

All the best Tony. Image Image
Hi Tony.
Just sent mine telling him about the overlap rule and my thoughts on caring.
If he takes any notice of all these comments he may be able to tell the next man in charge.
And we can only hope that he as a little more compassion that the man there at the moment.
Best of luck with your campaigning Tony if this just gets him interested then you have achieved something.
Tony do you think we should try Jon Gaunt next I have spoken to him before he used to be on our local radio 3CR.
Hi Tony
My Email as come back as a Mail failure.
It was sent to the email above.
I dont know whats happening there, i will try myself Image

All the best Tony. Image
Dear John:I have just tried sending emails to both addresses and they were both excepted, i really dont know what is happening, maybe we have overloaded there system Image i can only hope thats what it is but i honestly do not know, maybe try later on.
Yes, John Gaunt and talk sport radio, thats a good idea, i often listen to him, he is quite outspoken, thats a good suggestion.

Thanks Tony. Image
Mine got rejected too.

Will try again.

EDIT: Tried again, rejected again. Looked at the address and realised the problem: Tony's link had one wrong character. It should be david.blunkett@the-sun.co.uk If you haven't had an acknowledgement, it didn't get through - PLEASE everyone, try again!
Thanks alot for sorting that out.