EDM Carers Allowance

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Just in case anyone wants to ask their MP to support this.

http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetai ... ESSION=891


Farron, Timothy
That this House notes the dedication of the many thousands of carers in Britain; further notes that this challenging work is done without payment; welcomes Carers Week 2008, which is designed to highlight the work done by carers and will run from 9th to 15th June; expresses concern at the lack of flexibility of the earnings disregard limit of the Carers Allowance, presently set at £95, which can lead to some carers being denied support; and urges the Government to review the earnings disregard limit so that carers are given a fair deal

Very nice but what about the low level of CA?

I smell a rodent here - the government is keen to get carers into work but not keen on discussing the level of Carers Allowance - remarkably similar to this EDM.