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Hi Chris:
You have not spoken out of turn and i shall be only too pleased to send you full details of our campaign, we have a great deal of support, our campaign even has the backing of the Royal society for the promotion of health, i will be glad to send you full details and then you can contact me later if you want to, there is no pressure.

Tony Image
To supply pensioners who may be on thousands a month get something they can already afford I think I will pass
Hi Tony!

Thanks for the information and now I can understand more of what its about ( and had indeeed already heard about!) I am clearer as to the aim of this petition!

I think my other points ,however, are valid ones and the "younger" disabled people are in a situation which is possibly worse! They are sick /disabled/ might be living alone and on a very restricted income! I am well aware of people in that situation who have been malnourished and also then left to "cope" without further advice/money or help!

Perhaps I need to start a campaign for those people in society - time and eneregy allowing!

Thanks again and it will be intersting to see what comes of this in time.

No problem whatsoever chris.

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Pensioners on thousands per month? Image Image some maybe, but very very few.

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Just signed Image 323 now
Quick update - signatures now at 342.

Thanks again for your support.

Paula xx
We are now at 347, thanks everyone. Image
Thankyou so much for your signature, we are now at 360

Paula xx