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I am a volunteer benefits adviser on a site for disabled people. Please consider signing the petition below:-

There is a new system of random DLA checks in addition to change of circumstance reviews and renewals. Under these new rules anyone's award could be reviewed at anytime and as a result may be changed. We are protesting because unlike the old system, there are no exemptions except where you have had a review in the last year or have an award under the Special Rules for terminally ill people. Previously people with certain chronic and degenerative conditions were exempt, but despite it being unlikely those people will improve their entitlement could be randomly checked too. Secondly the Right Payment Programme has been in place for 6 months yet there is still little information about it. Neither advisers, disability organisations or claimants have been told. There is, to date, no information on the DWP site. This is a worry because if advice workers are unaware of changes they cannot effectively support claimants who have these reviews. This means people could lose benefit unnecessarily.

Please help us fight the change in the rules and get the voice of severely disabled people heard. Please sign and pass the link on to anyone else who may be willing to sign. The petition is on a recognised epetition site. http:/

If you know people who would sign but don't have internet access, you can print the petition off and send it to:-

10 Downing Street,

Jim Allison who started the petition works with me as a benefits adviser on a site for disabled people.
Already signed but will forward it on to others again.

Thank you and Good Luck
wheres the link?
thats handy, makes it easier to sign........ thank you very much!!!
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