BBC does not support disabled people?!

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Have anybody seen this evening news? The presenter made a cynical face with grin. DLA is life saver for many people! Rob mentioned about the numbers of DEATH but it did not seem to be much interests for BBC...?? Image Image Image Image Image Image

My ill husband is soooooo p***** off and has been yelling that he wont pay the TV licence any more...
hi fluffy cat I did not see this but just had a look at this
It showed me that the man had I am ok attitude and he was not really bothered as he is ok and well off infact the words he used was not thoughful words infact I thought him to be downgrading but I don't think all the BBC people are like him but I can understand why you felt angry you take care coffeex
the comments after this show that people are not happy about the newsreader's attitude.
I thought Rob spoke well.
I thought Rob did brilliantly, the presenter's style left a lot to be desired. He talked about salaries being cut - but many disabled people don't have the luxury of having a salary at all!