Distability Living Allowance Petition.

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Im not quite sure if i am in the right place for this post, but here goes.
My stepmother set up the following petition:

It is absurd that the clauses in section 72 & 73 of the Contributions & Benefits Act 1992 state that anybody applying for Disability Living Allowance have to be in need of this benefit for a period of 3 months for under 65’s and 6 months for over 65’s before any payments come into force. If you need these benefits then you need them from the point at which you apply for them, not months in the future. These clauses have a knock-on effect for the Carers Allowance and cause great hardship for many newly disabled people and their carers. It is about time this was corrected and the people who need the financial help get it from the time at which they first need it. We therefore request that the qualifying periods for new applications for Disability Living Allowance be scrapped.

Please sign the petition, and post the address on any relevent sites.

Many Thanks

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