Disabled Childcare Research

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Firstly, I hope that I've posted this in the right area, if not feel free to move it!

We are in the process of conducting some research into disabled childcare and the apparent issues that parents face when searching for such services. I was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to share your experience (no matter how little information) with us?

If you don't feel as if you can reply on here, feel free to PM me and it will be kept strictly confidential.
Which organisation do you represent?
An independent disability consultancy, VEUcan (well it's my own company), we are just in the middle of a project and looking for any views/opinions
What sort of info are you looking for? My son is now 30 but my husband and I have cared for him his entire life and I was also chair of a parent's support group for children with special needs for 10 years. I found that children with learning difficulties got a LOT more help than children like mine who were physically disabled with a life shortening condition. All the playschemes etc were set up for learning disabled and they tried to just "slot" my son into them - didn't work as he was an exceptionally bright child and hated it. (He ended up graduating with Honours from University despite his severe disability) He has DMD. Also didn't work trying to slot him in with able bodied either as he got bullied. He went to a special secondary school which was supposed to be for kids who were partially sighted and kids with physical disabilities. Then they started putting kids with behaviour problems and learning difficulties into the school and it changed the whole ethos such that he was glad to leave to go to Uni.