Disability Hate Crime Petition

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Would like to sign but no idea how to Image
Help please somebody
In idiot-proof instructions if poss Image
Now that the election date has been announced the petition site is closed during the run up to the election, it will then open again after the election and more signatures can be added, if I remember correctly this petition has a long time to run, until 2011. I will try to remember to bounce this thread back to the top if it has dropped down the list of threads once the site is open again, signing when the site is open is simple, even I can do it Image Image Image .
Was beginning to think I was going mad - kept following the links and then reading the 'how to' blurb on the site, but couldn't for the life of me find this ruddy form they keep referring to - know why now Image Image Image
Have made the thread a "sticky" so it's not lost - we can come back to it after the elections.
Have "Unstuck" it as the deadline has now passed. No sign of a reply yet on the website.