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Disability Hate Crime Petition - Carers UK Forum

Disability Hate Crime Petition

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Anyone who has experienced disability hate crime first-hand or whose caree has experienced it will know the destructive impact which it has on lives, Fiona Pilkington and her daughter were perhaps the most extreme examples but people with disabilities experience this type of crime daily. This petition asks the government to review the law relating to disability hate crime:

Done too
Done. Will tell my wife about it when she's feeling up to doing it.
All crime is an act of hatred. How many sub-divisions of hate do we need? Surely we can leave it to the juries to determine guilt and the judges to pass a sentence that is appropriate for the specific crime and the circumstances, isnt that what we pay them their very large salaries for?
Pilkington wasn't the most extreme case, and anyway she killed her own daughter, which is unforgivable under any circumstances. What she was subjected to was low-level but prolonged and unforgivable nastiness and harassment, "loud music and swearing" and this is always difficult to deal with: proving conclusively that it was about disability as opposed to just general yobbishness is virtually impossible. No law can make people nice if they want to be plain nasty.
In Glasgow, a couple of years ago, a guy in a wheelchair taking a short-cut across some waste ground to get home from the pub one evening was beaten to death just for the hell of it by a few thugs. The existing law proved quite sufficient to send them down.
Further specific criminal legislation isn't needed, there are already lots of good laws which condemn this kind of behaviour.

And can I remind you all that Billy Jo was aquitted. "Cleared teenager Billy-Joe Kenney and his father Harry Kenney welcomed his acquital". Listening to him he sounds as if he has a learning disability himself. But anyway, if he was aquitted of normal crime, he would also be aquitted of hate crime. Or do we want a witch hunt?
Sorry, I disagree, many crimes are acquisitive, acts of greed not of hate.

I used to think that what I was experiencing was just incomprehensible harassment but from what was shouted at me and done to me it became clear that disability was the prime motivator, to be targeted purely and simply because you have a disability is quite distinct from being one of many in area who are experiencing other more generalised and less targeted crimes. Try being on the receiving end of this sort of crime, being physically intimidated by someone who clearly relishes the fact that you cannot run, cannot get away, and you might think differently.

Tom Shakespeare has something not dissimilar to say in today's Guardian, he too did not relate these behaviours to his disability, without the disability neither Shakespeare nor I would be vulnerable, exclude our disability and neither of us is society's or our own view of a vulnerable person, our physical difference is our only vulnerability and it is the perpetrators perception of this vulnerability, whether it is physical or intellectual disability or mental ill health, which makes us a target:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree ... avid-askew
To follow on, the main reason that disability hate crime legislation needs revising is because it does not do what it is intended to do, most incidents of disability hate crime do not end up with the death of the victim, when it does police forces and prosecutors do not use the hate element in court which would lead to longer sentencing.

Where death does not occur, where the crime is lower level, very few perpetrators are prosecuted largely because victims are repeatedly failed by the authorities who routinely pass them from agency to agency with none willing to take the lead and take action giving the perpetrators the message that they can break the law with impunity.

Perhaps disability-motivated crime is a better name for it, the word hate is emotive, but whatever you call it it is far more prevalent than people realise as Scope discovered when it researched the subject and very little is being done to address and deter it and whilst it is allowed to persist the victims live blighted lives constrained by fear.
My son was only 2yrs old when he was abused by the 'proffessionals' who refused to help him, stating it was my fault as his mother because I have bipolar. At 6 he would wander off and hide if he saw me looking for him. I later discovered he wandered off to find friends who lived by his then primary school. The neighbouring bullies and thier PARENTS would swear at him, hit him, they befriended him and then kidnapped him where he was beaten, shot him with a bebe gun, they stole 3 of his bikes+2 scooters. They would threaten him with Social Services and the Police. The police were called out regular to help me find him, he always came home on his own having no idea where he had been. I put alarms and locks on all doors and windows, he removed them. He used to climb a 7ft fence to get out. Whilst I was locking the door he would squirm and wriggle and get away. I asked the Police if they could tag him, I asked Social Services if they could help me with an alarm that would alert people that he was trying to get away. They all said no but were prepared to issue him with a warning yet he had done nothing to anyone. The police always closed his file and did nothing.
A month ago, because of a deranged neighbour my son was subjected to the most horrific abuse from North Wales Police, where, after being told my son was afraid of the police, persisted in questioning him over an assault on another boy. I knew hw was innoccent but this legalised thug started to mentally abuse my son by saying 'come on we will just take him in' then they were going to take me in also. Later they rang and said thier enquiry would go no further, no apology nothing. This time I will make sure it does go further because I see this as child abuse that's allowed and it sickens me!
Clicked on the link but could not see how to sign the petition. What am I doing wrong?

I would like to sign. My Jan was accosted by a gang of name calling yob scum, whilst out on a Shopmobility Scooter (On her own, Getting my Christmas gift.)

It was no worse than that but she found it very frightening and upsetting, it made me very very angry and a little guilty.

Not the worse case of hate crime but I believe that this is how it starts. Bring back the "Birch" that's what I say and I would willingly swing it,