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Carers Week Coming Up ... One Suggestion ? - Carers UK Forum

Carers Week Coming Up ... One Suggestion ?

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Perhaps a few , brave , carers would dress up as guide dogs on that Day , and accompany a blind person on any public transport demanding that they travel free , and thus enjoy the same " Rights " as guide dogs ?

Perverse ? Perhaps but ... it clearly brings to the attention the issue of carers travel concessions , and the assumption that the Equalities Acts does actually apply to carers.

If too " Contraversial " for our supporting organisations even to consider , I'm sure that there are a few groups of carers only too willing out of the 6+ million carer army ?

Even have some fun for once at the expense of those in authority ???

If Plod do not see our argument , we'll have a whip round and have you out in no time.

There again , some might choose to phone their local LA and demand emergency cover for their caree whilst they are otherwise detained ?

After all , Carers Rights Day is all about rights ... that can be exercised ?
While on the subject of Guide Dogs, there is an issue with some taxi drivers refusing to let Guide Dogs in their cars.
Perhaps we will see a return to the " Good old days " as experienced by many when searching for property to rent in the " Rachman " areas in West London during the late fifties / early sixities ?

Signs on taxi cabs ... " No drunks , no dogs , no carers ? "

In London , I would add " No Hammers ! " ... on behalf of all fellow LO sufferers ... there's no known cure for that one !

Out of the three , quess which one would gain the most sympathy , and have legal eagles falling over themselves to get in on the action ?
Synchronising ....
Just a nudge is get this one in syn with the Concessionary Travel / 21 Hour Rule thread.

Parliamentary route temporarily closed no thanks to the General Election.

Carers Week coming up ... ideal time for the BIG 2 to feature prominently .... CT / 21.

Perhaps a few dressed up as students ( current and mature ) as well as guide dogs waiting in the wings ?

Makes better impact for any snappers around rather than any celebs pretending to be carers ... ???

After all , £ 400 / 500 MILLION at stake on these two.

Anyone else want to trump these figures ?

Just look at how the Government wants YOU as a current carer , knowing that your caring days are numbered , to seek future employment that may need addition qualifications before any employer would even grant you an interview.

Over 40 odd years , how many such carers have , indeed , benefited ?

Carer’s Allowance

Carer’s Allowance is a benefit paid to people who spend at least 35 hours a week looking after a disabled person, defined as a person claiming certain elements of Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance or the Personal Independence Payment. This may be an adult or a child.

The person claiming Carer’s Allowance cannot earn more than £100 per week from other paid work. They also cannot be in full-time education.

Full-time education in this sense is defined as 21 hours per week or more of classes, lectures, seminars and the individual study time expected by the university, college or learning provider. In practice, if a provider says the course is full-time the benefits agency will treat it as such.

If your course is full-time but you study for significantly lower hours than normal, for example because you are exempt from a module, you may be able to make a case you are not full-time as defined – but you should seek advice to help you do so.

Part-time students who can show they are not expected to study 21 hours a week or more should still be able to claim Carer’s Allowance.

Carers Week ... that means US folks , real carers !

Invite a few students along for a sign of solidarity on the 21 Hour Rule Issue !

Better still , on their turf ... Student Union bar prices are usually lower !

Pass the word around to see if any friends can look after a caree for a few hours whilst their lone carer can , at long last , participate like everyone else and feel wanted for , at least , a few hours on the day !

As a former , lone , carer , 4 / 5 hours out on a day without having to push my caree in a wheelchair would have been like winning the lottery !

Public transport ? Simply take your caree , dress yourself up as a guide dog , and tell the driver to go whistle ! Ideal publicity to go along with the general theme of Carers Week !

Strangely , would probably do more to highlight the Issue than anything else ?

Grimethorpe ? Following my posting in the News section , local ex miners' brass band to accompany a rally ... one good turn deserves another ... could be arranged ?

Teeside ? Might be possible for a few ex steel workers from Redcar to knock up a band ? Contacts in the area , one owes me a favour !

Ideal time to show your .... gratitude ... ???

Don't forget , please smile ... not growl ... for the snappers !!!


All completely in jest .... ??? .... that's for YOU to decide ????

Just HOW important are the two BIG Issues to you and your fellow carers ?

Me ? No benefit whatsover ... my concern is that YOU are losing out !

£ 400 / 500 MILLION to be potentially spread around ?

It's YOUR week ... says so on the tin ... make the most of it.

As Josh from West Wing would say ....

" Momentum baby ... the BIG MO ! "

A timely reminded for all readers that Carers Week starts tomorrow.

Whether some somewhere will take up my suggestions will be interesting.

After all , it's supposed to be OUR week , isn't it ?

The odd can donated to your local food bank for some of our more unfortunate colleagues won't go amiss.

You will not see that suggestion officiallly adopted anywhere else ... unless the local food banks highlight Carers Week.
Pointless - changes nothing....