Deadline to sign up by: 13 June 2008

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I am bringing this one back to the top as almost the deadline.Quite a few have signed but many new members may not have seen it.

Most people think disabled people and there families get a lot of benefits, the disabled people receive either DLA or AA but that is for them to try to live as normal a live as possible. Most disabled people need to be cared for by a member of there family. Who should be in receipt of carers allowance for which you must care for at least 35 hours a week but a carer does at least double that, so this means they can`t work so you should be able to get income support, if you do it is docked for the amount of carers allowance you get. We either need to be paid properly for the job we do or allow us to go to work and the government provides proffessionals for all disabled care needs, when a carer reaches pension age there carers allowance stops because in receipt of pension but they are still caree does not suddenly recover at pension age.

Just signed it. Thanks Rosemary.

Paula xx