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Cuts in Support Services and Benefits for Disabled People - Carers UK Forum

Cuts in Support Services and Benefits for Disabled People

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As a parent of a young man with a learning disability I am very concerned about the possibility of future cuts in support services and disability benefits. My son has recently had a full reassessment recommending more 1-1 hours support. The recommendation has to go before a `Panel' for final approval but this is being delayed. I strongly suspect this is because the Local Authority are waiting for the Comprehensive Spending Review to report on 20 October to see what funds they will have available and where cuts will take place!! As well as this I am concerned that the new proposed medical assessment for the DLA may challenge his existing and long term entitlement to the higher rate. Maybe I am not aware of it but I don't see any strong lobby of voluntary organisations and disabled people trying to fight these unfair cuts!!
Maybe I am not aware of it but I don't see any strong lobby of voluntary organisations and disabled people trying to fight these unfair cuts!!
Hi Mike

Thanks for your post - welcome aboard. One of the hard things for our sector is the lack of concrete detail coming out Government - this makes it very hard to organise any sort of concerted fight back, as we are not entirely sure what we are fighting. So until we do you are unlikely to see a lot in the media. However that said I can assure you that aside from the media coverage, things are being monitored, scrutinsied and considered in detail by a range of organisations include ourselves.

Carers UK is part of the Disability benefits Consortium and we are currently gathering evidence on disability benefits

We also lead the Care and Support Alliance - over 30 charities with an interest in social care. We have also been gathering evidence about the effects of cuts.
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm= ... oMFeyw%3d&

You can read some of our recent resposnes to government on things like the budget, queens speech, DLA cuts- Go to this web page - ones at the top of the page are most recent
http://www.carersuk.org/Professionals/R ... ybriefings

Thanks for your reply Matt.
It's good to hear planning and lobbying is going on albeit `behind the scenes'. I hear Scope have set up a campaign called `Don't cut us out'. Perhaps after 20 October when the CSA is made public we'll know what we are fighting. I will play my part. I predict Oct/Nov/Dec will be a stormy time!!
Dear Local Councillor

Please do not reduce or cut essential funding for social care services for disabled and elderly people, for example, for 1:1 support workers, respite/shared care, day activities etc - when you plan your budget which I believe is due to be discussed at the council budget meeting on 1 March.

I appreciate it is very difficult for local councils, especially the poorer ones, due to the reduced grant received from central government and the fact that they cannot set an illegal budget but I believe there are cuts that can be made without affecting the lives of vulnerable people in our communities. In fact some cuts to essential services may infringe disabled peoples human rights.

I speak from personal experience as my son has a severe learning disability and autism, though my urgent plea not to cut or reduce social care services is for all the disabled people and their families and carers in the Wakefield MDC area many of whom are currently very anxious about whether or not the much publicised cuts will affect their lives.

In a civilised society in the 21st century I feel strongly that essential services for disabled and vulnerable people should get priority over some council services that the rest of us can easily manage without for a while – with not a great deal of hardship.

Services for disabled people are not extras or luxuries but just help towards enabling disabled people to achieve some kind of equality with the activities and lives of the rest of us.

Please do not cut the funding for essential social care services for disabled and elderly people.

Mike Spinney
well composed Mike. Please keep us posted as to any response you receive.
Hi Rosemary

I keep reading - through various links and the social media - about your campaigning. It's supportive and encouraging to read about it.
In response to your reply - I sent my email to all the 63 councillors of Wakefield MDC. I've received 6 replies to date. All pretty bland and phoney -`politician-talk'. As somebody said `for campaigns to really have an effect people not affected by the cuts have to be as outraged as those who are'.
All pretty bland and phoney -`politician-talk'.
Dont tell me Mike...bog standard reply Image , about the only place they are fit for, pardon my expression Image Image

I really do hope you get a decent reply from someone
I have heard from my MP today, after he had a response from Maria Miller.
The have NO IDEA and they do not care a bit.With regard to mobility component being removed when going into a Care Home, she writes,"Local Authorities contracts with care homes will cover services to meet a resident's assessed needs."What about their wants?Some chances to do things other than their needs?(except of course if people are self funding,as they "will continue to be paid the care and mobility components of DLA they are entitled to."

So the rich get richer,or just stay the same, but the poor get poorer and will be hidden away, because Councils will do the bare minimum and that is that.

Something else she writes,"Disabled people who are affected b the reductions in Local Housing Allowance rates could apply for a discretionary Housing payment."In our county, it is all about who you know.
Mike, good luck with your letters.
Thanks for posting that Jane.

I have spoken to a few carers today worried about the mobility component of DLA which they have used to obtain cars for their adult children in residential. They said Miller states the change is to stop duplicate payments. Yet although they supply the mobility car, the residential places their kids are with supply the petrol. That cancels out Millers argument.