Council Contingency Fund for Cold Homes

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It is not right that disabled people like my mother, are living in homes that are too cold for them and is causing a detrimental effect on their health.
There is a proven link between cold temperatures and ill health in vulnerable groups for example disabled.
My mother and I believe that there should be a Council Contingency fund available to make sure that disabled homes, reach the minimum standard of 18 Celsius. This would cover works such as Double glazing and Cavity wall insulation etc.
Hi Gemma I have to agree with you state of our flat
I have to clean down damp in our bathroom. All the council says leave window open all the time and get a good paint and paint over it.
Cavity wall insulation is free for certain people, through your energy company. The solution to damp is a dehumidifier. When the house feels cold, it may just be damp - leaving a window open all year round is NOT the solution. We live in a 100 year old New Forest cottage, the lounge is always warm dry and cosy as we have an open fire all winter, but the dining room isn't generally heated, so it's cooler and can appear to have damp, but it's not, according to a structural engineer. It's just moisture from the rest of the house, especially from the kitchen next door to the dining room, on the colder bits. A dehumidifier completely changes the whole atmosphere in there, it's really surprising to see how much water it collects in 24 hours during the winter months. It stops when full, and we can sense when it's stopped. They are relatively inexpensive, and may have a greater long term effect than heating the room in question.
To get free insolation I have to write to the council
I have two dehumidifiers one in the bedroom and other one in the bathroom.
The winter will soon be upon us the council are doing nothing in these critical times to come :cry: