Cognitive Behavioural Therapy petition

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Thank goodness there's a petition against funding more of this BS.

When the medical profession truly accept that Mind AND Body are linked & properly integrate medicine with effective complementary therapies, healthcare will become the partnership that it needs to be & patients will experience improved health in the long-term rather than a mere 'quick-fix.'

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy far exceeds CBT because it teaches the importance of this & unlike CBT, has proven to have long-term benefits.
I'm getting mightily sick of hearing carers complain about CBT.

Not because I think they're wrong.

Because CBT is a quick fix that simply does not work for many people, and all too often it makes things worse. It should be scrapped and the money put to better use. Such as genuine counselling.
my son recieved CBT and for him it didn't help in any shape or form.
however i know off people it has helped.
everybody is different i guess and what works for 1 may not work for the next or vice versa.
but if it can help 1 out of 2 ppl then i guess its worth it being offered to ppl.