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Changes proposed re stoma and continence products - Carers UK Forum

Changes proposed re stoma and continence products

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I know this will affect many people nationally and please please note it is not confirmed yet but could be soon!

There is a proposal to change a lot of issues re the supplies of stoma and continence products which includes catheters too!

The Department of Health (www.dh.gov.uk) document " Arrangements under Part IX of the Drug Tariff for the proviion of stoma and incontinence appliances - and related services - to primary care" outlines the proposals and note these are only proposals seek to radically change the way in which companies which provide delivery and services of such products operate. This could make it difficult for the home delivery services to continue. It could also vastly reduce the supplies and choice of supplies available so that certain products would no longer be available!

The document also states that the prices the NHS pay for stoma and continence products including catheters are reduced by as much as 35%!

There does not appear to be any concern about the effects this will have on people with lack of choice etc. The Health Minister will be making a decision soon!

The Patients Industry Professionals Forum along with many others are concerned that this is cost cutting before care! There has not been an Impact Assessment as part of the consultation.

If this might effect you, your relatives, friends or you feel strongly enough to hear the services which people with numerous conditions rely on day by day will be wthdrawn or drastically altered to a level which could hugely impact on their health please act today!

You can find out who your MP is at www.theyworkforyou.com/mp or call 0800 783 1434

Thanks for your time and help in making our Government aware of the huge impact this will have on people's life's if it is implemented. It will have a huge impact on those being cared for and the carers in sourcing the correct supplies and a way of getting them delivered!


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