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Caring Choices On-line Survey - Carers UK Forum

Caring Choices On-line Survey

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Caring Choices came on-line in April 07 it is about providing a way for older people, their carers and those who work in the field of social care for older people to get involved in the debate on the future funding of long-term care for older people.

Caring Choices is about raising awareness of the challenges facing the future of long-term care funding.

King’s Fund
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Help the Aged
Age Concern
In partnership with:
Alzheimer’s Society
Association of British Insurers
Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Carers UK
Counsel and Care
English Community Care Association
Independent Age
Local Government Association
Royal College of Nursing
NHS Confederation
Social Care Institute for Excellence
We are also working with:
Age Concern Scotland
Elders Council of Newcastle
Help the Aged Scotland
Leeds Older People’s Forum
Race Equality Foundation

They are conducting an on-line survey which only takes a few minutes
to fill in. There is a comments box at the end of the survey.

(It only allows up to 1024 characters/letters so you need to keep your message
quite short and to the point.)

The information from this survey will be available to all the participating organisations.
It is a pretty good opportunity to tell them about the Carers side of the picture.

This link should take you straight to the page with the link to the on line survey.


They also have three on-line debates on the go and you can leave a comment on
them too.
Filled in the survey, and just to give you an idea of the length of comment it will accept, my comment is below.

A great deal is spoken about the cared for in the Caring Choices articles. Carers are mentioned almost as an after thought.

Carers finances and welfare should be equally important as the people they Care for.

The very rich do not need government help. The poor are provided with government funded help.

Carers that own property and have savings are penalised because of means testing and the low amount of C A. They are forced to self fund their Caring role because there is not provision within the benefit system to protect this particular category of Carers income and assets from being means tested. They are being exploited and becoming impoverished.

It is unfair to expect someone to risk loosing everything they have worked hard to attain because they have become a Carer for one of their relatives.

Carers should not be means tested they need an adequate amount to live on, without having to resort to using their own money to subsidise the inadequate and out dated Government funding.
Hi Cheryl,

I have been following this site for some time now and also added a few comments just recently.




I would urge as many members/lurkers to contribute to these articles and make your thoughts known.