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Stafford Hospital coping with the aftermath. - Carers UK Forum

Stafford Hospital coping with the aftermath.

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I searched for Stafford Hospital on this forum and nothing was found, even though I have a post dated January 2012, here is the link... viewtopic.php?f=27&t=17849
Update: Searched again and found other posts about Stafford Hospital.

In the post I accuse Stafford Hospital of gross neglect that either caused or contributed to the death of my aunt. Were it not for other none related but deeply traumatic events affecting myself and young son that were taking place before and after my aunts death, I would have taken legal action against the hospital. 2011 was a very bad year.

I have been affected so much that I have not been able to forget the tragic events I witnessed on the day my aunt died and I think about them every day and every night. The time has come to re-open my aunts case and fight her corner and try to get justice for a very decent old lady who was treated like a piece of meat on a butchers slab. I would like to know if anyone has similar experience and can offer advice on how to pursue my claim against the hospital.
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