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Caring And Recognition In The Workplace - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Caring And Recognition In The Workplace

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I studied hard for five years to enter the workforce with top grade qualifications, was offered a brilliant job BUT my son's needs were too complex for any of the local care services. So no job.
It's unlikely I will ever return to paid employment but that doesn't mean it's the case for all carers. I signed it. It might not make any difference, but doing nothing certainly won't.
I've read it, and whilst I don't wish to discourage anyone from creating a petition, it is always worth posting it here first in draft form and getting some feedback in order to improve it before putting it up in public view. You have asked why people have read it but not signed, and I will try to give you some honest feedback from my own perspective. We work better when we work together, and are straight with each other.

One problem with this petition is that the premise doesn't survive critical scrutiny:
It starts with the request that the Government "recognises" caring as an occupation. This is already an "own goal", as the government doesn't currently recognise any occupation as such: tinker, tailor, candlestick maker; all go largely unrecognised by government, and anyway, it is up to individual employers whom they hire and what experience they value. (I always put my international potholing expedition experience into my CV because I found it increased my chance of getting an interview, simply because it looking "interestng" and made me stand out from other candidates. On the other hand, I dont usually include "gardening" or "reading": too boring. You need to look at it from the POV of someone shortlisting from hundreds of CVs, they need to stand out and catch the eye in less than ten seconds, or they are doomed).

A second assumption is that employers "discount" years spent caring. I don't think this is true: some do, some don't, it all depends on the nature of the employment. I mean, if you want a job as a care-worker, of course it's highly valued, but if you are looking to apply to become a rocket -scientist, then it is irrelevant.
I would like to put forward that the Government recognise caring as a full time occupation. For those returning to work after caring, I feel that it is imperative for employers to cease discounting years spent caring. Many work-essential skills are developed through a caring role such as; time management, effective communication through all means, due diligence, patience, administrative duties etc.

I find it necessary and acceptable for carers returning to work to include their caring duties on their CV and implore the Government to see that employers accomodate said duties, as and when they apply to a role.
So I'm sorry, I won't be signing it, because petitioning government is a serious business, and this petition wording is not sufficiently thought-through. Sorry, I will be probably get labelled a spoil-sport again! Please dont let this discourage you, I wasn't very keen on the wording of Pats petition either, and she still got 70,000 signatures!
Thank you to all who posted positive feedback, I'm grateful that you took the time to read and sign.

I never thought I would stop being a carer. After caring for my sister (who has CP, Learning Difficulties, Epilepsy and is registered blind) and my mother (who has had 2 major and 4 minor strokes, limited mobility and vision loss) full time since I was 15, (I'm now 23) I've now found myself able to search for a job. Regardless of whether the petition is 'worded' to please everyone, the sentiment is there. I would like to say, however, people aren't stupid. If they're qualified, former rocket scientists looking for work post caring...brilliant. If they want a job in the care sector. Great. Some people actually have fantastic qualifications that they can apply to a relevant occupation after caring. It's the 'work experience' that's the problem and that's the reason I created the petition - because I believe that caring IS work experience.

I don't mind if I only get 100 signatures...if I plant the seed into someones mind then maybe my original idea will snowball and create a positive difference.

Who knows

What I find especially galling is the attitude of some Jobcentre Plus staff that you may have been a rocket scientist a few years ago but all you're fit for now, chummy, is care work.
Have signed and forwarded to other (non-forum) people to circulate. Good luck with it.

You diamond, thank you

Signed and shared on twitter