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Carers Poverty Protest Petition

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I'm not really sure about signing petitions either. Surveys, I'll do. Did the CarerUk one.... But petitions? Dunno. I used to work in admin for a NE Wales MP (where we lived before), in Tony Blair's days and he said that No 10 is so used to receiving petitions (1000's of names long ones sometimes), from all and sundry about virtually everything, that they have no impact. Petitions don't change anything, the policy makers make the changes through discussions and debates etc. things don't change just because lots of people have put their names to a petition. It's co-incidental if 'things' change after a petition has been handed in, that's all, just co-incidence. Sorry to be so negative and I know that we have to do SOMETHING, but signing petitions is not the way. However, letters from individuals about the same matter - en masse - works better. Not guaranteed, of course, BUT ANYONE can sign a petition, individually written letters have more clout and the writers more respected and listened to by MPs. And they are more likely to be taken seriously, too. A templated letter for everyone to print out and 'personalise' and sign is fine. Just my experience of working with an MP that's all.
There is a template letter Frandrake on the January Poverty Protest newsletter and a link to MP's blogs.
The on line petition will be printed out and handed in, along with the paper ones on the day of the Protest.
Frandrake, while I understand your views about petitions, four things are important for them to make an impact:

1 - weight of numbers. The more people who sign a petition, the more it will be noticed.

2 - weight of publicity. Publicity has far more effect than any petition ever will. But you can obtain publicity on the back of a petition.

3 - persistence. The more times the same message hits the politicians, the more often the same issue comes to their table, the more likely the idea will stick.

4 - political support. The petition is a tool to gain political support from MPs. Cross-party support from as many MPs as possible. Again, repetition and winning the argument are important here and a petition can only help.
I think that the fact that this petition is part of an overall strategy, i.e. the march, a letter campaign for those who cannot attend the march, well-known speakers and an all-out campaign to gain media attention, does perhaps give it more weight than an isolated petition, it really depends on the subject of the petition and the number of signatories as well of course. But as far as petitions are concerned generally I think that they do have a valuable role not least in giving the public an opportunity to state what they are for and what they are against in the period between elections.
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