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Carers Poverty Protest Petition - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Carers Poverty Protest Petition

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177 now Image
You beat me to it Alex! Image Image

177 now Image
You beat me to it Alex! Image Image

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I've only just seen this you cheeky devil Image My email must have said I was number 54 otherwise where did I get that number from Image Image

Nevermind, it signatures that count and I'm glad to be part of it Image
Only four signatures to go to make it 200 Image , who is going to be signature no. 200? If you haven't already signed "It Could Be You!", except you don't win loadsa dosh Image Image .
Thats 200 - and now to really push the numbers up could everyone ask all their contacts to also sign it - its the best way to raise awareness. They dont all have to be carers, by the way, supporters and friends will do fine. After all, they all pay taxes and have a right to say how they are used!
202 at close of business on Friday. I cant believe how well that petition is doing!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has signed!!

Hopefully it will help try and make a difference to OUR lives.
I don't wish to be awkward but I honestly don't see the point of these endless petitions - I don't thik that they make the slightest difference to those with the power to change our situation.

The only thing that will change things is direct action and who among us would be willing to dump the person we care for and leave them to the tender mercies of the Social Work departments or Health Boards?

I have been a carer for 24 years and for 10 of those was involved with Carer's Rights and Disability Rights and to be honest I have not seen much improvement in all that time.

Since my son left school we have had to go back to fighting for everything - if it wasn't for our Children's Hospice I don't know what we would have done - maybe none of the three of us would be here now because the caring is just relentless and we are constantly together (53 year old dad, 49 year old mum (me) and 24 year old son).

Regards all,
hi eunice,

we can only keep trying....and keep on and on.....

this online petition has also been sent out to hundreds of
carers centres and organisation who are supporting the protest,
including the national pensioners convention, we have also sent
it 'snail mail' and the signatures are coming in.
one carer centre alone has over 200 signatures.

on the day of the protest, april 22nd, the petition will be handed
in by a party of carers including george and the old doll Image

61 posts