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Carers Poverty Protest Petition - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Carers Poverty Protest Petition

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The Petition will be handed in at 2p.m. on April 22nd,2009
to 10, Downing Street

6 people are allowed to hand the petition in,
then any MP's, press are allowed also.

David Borrow MP will hand the petition in with
Christine Steel
Elizabeth Herschel
George Herschel
Anthony Dennis
Alexander Robinson
Sarah Dorey
Coming up and up, well over 650 now Image
If you haven't already can you sign or pass onto your contacta and lets' make it 1000 on the day Image
Nearly 700
and we will be taking it offline shortly,
so please sign, and make this online petition 1000.

many thanks to all who have signed

C'mon guys, it won't be up for much longer so if you haven't signed, do it now, if you have signed......press gang the neighbours Image Image Image
948 Image

There is only a few more days left to sign,
this will be handed into Downing Street next week.

Thank you.
1009 Image

WOW !!!!

Well done
Thank you to all that have signed this petition and passed it onto others
the petition will be removed on Sunday 19th April at 12pm
many thanks to all
Carers march

Wednesday's march down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament is part of a co-ordinated protest which will also see demonstrations in London, Cardiff and Belfast.
It's sometimes worth revisiting a thread, to reflect on how things can change, and when I attended the second Scottish Carers Parliament yesterday, and heard the announcement by Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, that the Scottish Government were to consult on bringing in new legislation about carers rights within this parliamentary session, I couldn't help feeling that here in Scotland, at least, the legacy and momentum of our first carers march has been maintained.
It came as a complete surprise to us all when the SNP made the manifesto commitment to set up the Carers Parliament, but they have delivered true to their word and I for one am impressed by their obvious sincerity and yesterdays statement of intent. We now have a new Carers Rights Charter, and the new statement of intent is available online from http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2013/10/3416
61 posts