Carers Pay to travel in London

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I do not understand why Carers in London particularly should get special treatment?
Goes back to the very first posting under this thread !

Since then , we have expanded the Issue so that it covers the whole UK.

Only the orginal author can change the thread heading.

Perhaps to .... Free Travel In The Uk For Carers ... ?

Or , for the true cynics amogst our ranks .... Why Do Guide Dogs Get Free Travel When Human Carers Don't ?

In any event , the most read " Campaign " on this Forum.

Campaign ?

Better word ... Injustice !
I have just changed the heading on my reply
Guide Dogs only get free travel when accompanied by their person. :-???
Ireland ... whilst it does appear that carers are allowed free public transport when accompaning their caree , their system of a " Public Services Card " may be the prototype for the UK.

Worth surfing over for those interested in this thread.

Difficult to track down other European countries / EEC Directives on this Issue.
Dear All,

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart to all who have taken the time to comment, I don't work for Renfrewshire Carers Centre I simply volunteer as chairperson for the young carers forum so I haven't recieved any emails you may have sent. If you wish to email me please do so on I have a facebook page called carers issues which i regularly post updates on my petition on and would like to invite you all to like it and keep up to date on my campaign.

My petition has reached over 1900 signatures so far. I am but one person and try as hard as i can to get my campaign known.

Please keep sharing this petition and following my campaign.

Kind regards
Amanda Macdonald
Welcome ... and thanks ... Amanda.

Your campaign via the petition allied to my potential " In yer face " approach should be rewarded if only to eventually bring this " Injustice " to the attention of those in power who can actually do something .... in monetary terms £ 400 - 500 MILLION per annum back into the pockets of millions of carers !!!

A link direct to Amanda's original thread which is a precursor to this one : ... port-27772

Not much will 'appen until the 'ouse comes back from their 'olidays.

Once back , time to contact my mp again assuming the " Volunteers " for the All Party Carers Group are known ... probably , those who draw the shortest of straws or have already upset their party's whip ???

Please post the link of your FaceAche page .... and this thread to recipicate.

Several links appear on disability / social action forums already ... hence the numbers who have viewed this thread.

Feel free to commemt / dissect / critise any of " Our " postings .... we are all carers , inhabitants of the CarerLand Gulag ... a mere 6 million strong even if nobody knows who we are !


" We're all right Jack .... we travel FREE ! "
More from Amanda ... a video featured by Glasgow Live : ... l-11953743

Click on the video to play.



At least we have FREE transport on bicycles ?


Perhaps a tandem for our caree ?
Hi All,

Heres the link to my facebook page as requested to keep up to date with my petition.

If you'd like to read the briefing from the Scottish Government surrounding my petition you can do so by googling Amanda Macdonald Scottish Parliament and clicking on the first link. Unfortunately i cant post a link as its a PDF.

I'd like to thank all of you who have taken the time to comment and sign my petition and encourage you all to share my campaign with your local MP's.
Thanks Amanda ... you're MORE than welcome !
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