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Carers Pay to travel in London

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Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Time ? Day 100 !

Amount ? £ 18 MILLION

Any local fare rises around ? If so , I will need to add some oil to the second dial in case it catches fire ?

Only news to record , in line with another thread on the 21 hour studying rule as a barrier to Carers Allowance , the NUS have passed on my emails to those within their organisation to ponder on.

Travel Issue mentioned as there might be some student carers paying full wack if their NUS card does not entitle them to any discount when travelling with their caree.

Ponder all they like ... similar clock , horrendous figures if one goes back to the date on which that artificial barrier became law.

Any readers with anything to add ?

Carers Week coming up in June ... guide dog outfits available locally ?

They go FREE ... any reader with a blind caree without a guide dog ?

Point to be made , and it's your money out of your pocket being wasted.

Campaign Section for more info.

Carers Day in the House ?

Surely not .... that's strictly for the clowns ?

For once , they don't throw fake custard pies at each other , merely gather round and lament the Plight of carers , hoping someone somewhere will address that Plight before they pass on , either upstairs or , in the majority of cases , to obscurity.

Still , Carers " Rights " Day in ... November ? ....

Tick tock.

Tick tock.
Clock can wait until the next posting !

Just upped the temperature a little.

Email just sent to John Mann , my local mp :

As an inmate of the Worksop Gulag who also voted
for you at the last one , I , and 6 million carers need

No thanks to the Hansard System , nationwide issues
need to be raised with one's local mp , first.

In your case , bad news , that means me.

I need your services as a postman , nothing more.

Carers Strategy with Government , plans expected in June.

Carers Day in the House , also scheduled for June.

Two issues that need to be on table. If not the first ,
ESSENTIAL for the second.

From the grass roots and detailed on the Carers Uk forum.

1. Carer Travel Concessions
2. 21 Hour Study Rule as eligibility for receiving Carers Allowance

In pure financial terms £ 500 MILLION acrosss these two alone.

Absurd ?

Travel - blind caree travels on public transport with a guide dog.
Another blind caree travels on the same bus / train with a human carer.
Guide dog goes free , human carer pays full fare.

21 Hour Rule - 35 hours minimum caring to claim Carers Allowance.
Only 21 hours for studying allowed. Go half and hour over , and Carers
Allowance ceases.
How many hours in a week ? 168
Caring 35 / Studying 21 / Sleeping 49 ... 63 hours left ... ?

Need for these Issues to be put before your colleagues :

Barbara Keeley ( Usually Mistress of Ceremonies on Carers Day in the House )
Alex Cunningham
Jack Dromey
Angela Rayner

Last three are members of the All Party Carers Group.

Obviously , a lot more behind these Issues but , not the purpose of this email.

In today's Sad New World , how does an ordinary person get an important
Issue to the attention of those on the top floor without having to go
through " Customs checks " on every floor inbetween.

6 million carers ... and we all need someone somewhere to take a direct
interest in us , and not rely on any third party to do so.

With Respect.
Applaud / shriek in horror / make a cup of tea ?

It's done ... fingers crossed for a positive reply.
Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Just got here on time as the dials were overheating.

Day 110.

Amount : £ 19,180,000 ... give or take a few ten thousand or two , and adjusted for British Summer time.

Next update on John Mann's reply ( If any ? ) and allowing for 4 days of public holidays for all those outside of CarerLand , not forgetting our partners over in CareeLand.

Easter travel ? For many carers and carees , public transport a little too expensive even if only one of us is charged the full fare ?

And please ... be kind to guide dogs. It's not their fault that the powers to be value them more importantly than us ... we have no tails to wag , only begging bowls for some of us ... just ask Trussells !

Tick tock.

Tick tock.
Interesting ... up top .... News and Campaigns ... other news ... Manifesto and campaign pack for groups launched for local elections 2017.

Carers Trust ( Scotland ) inviting all to lobby candidates ahead of the elections north of the border.

One Issue ... concessionary travel for carers ?

First I've known of it. No acknowledgement of the preliminary work started by us in this thread unless they 'alf inched it , or have been working on the same blind ?

Perhaps we should liaise with them , or them with us ?

Maybe Scotland but ... the Scottish National mps can vote on English issues in the House whereas the reverse is not true. Perhaps a couple of bottles of that famous urine coloured water , with a kick , is needed ? There again , some comfort in sending a bottle of two to English mps ... without the famous or kick element ?

After all , little point in using their resources to duplicate work already done ?

Our work was provided free of charge , for the benefit of all carers.

Resources ? I wonder who pays for them ....
Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Time ? Day 118 ...

Amount ? £ 20,575,000

One from the Archives on here ... note date ... 22 August 2007 :

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-camp ... travel-695

Whilst no input from the Voice on that thread , others around the same time contain postings from representatives of the Voice.

Mmmm ......

Another one touching apon the same basic issue :

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-camp ... radio-2570

Tick tock.

Tick tock.
As is usually the case , search for one thing and find a little gem of another :

From the Archives up top.

Carers UK has welcomed new rights to protect carers from discrimination.

She added, "Carers UK has fought for and won many rights for carers over the years, but this is a significant step forward that many carers have been waiting for.

The new rights also protect carers where they are provided with a worse service than someone who isn't caring for a disabled person. It also includes protection where carers are discouraged or prevented from using a service because they are caring for a disabled person.

Imelda Redmond , CBE , CEO of the Voice ... 30 September 2010.

Travel ??????????????????????????

are discouraged or prevented from using a service because they are caring for a disabled person.

Cost of paying full fare ??????????????

Woof woof ... even the guide dogs agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they go free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extra rations as promised ... no not you , reader , on yer bike to the nearest Trussells !

Close on 100,000 of our fellow carers pass through Trussells each year , maybe 150,000 by 2020 ?

" What concern is that to me ? " ... ask a bemused reader.

Change in unforeseen circumstances and you'll soon be flicking through the Yellow Pages for the address of the nearest one.

PIP Reassessment for your caree due shortly ?

Good luck !
Just posted another thread on the recent Scottish Government review into Carers Allowance.

One snippet from that Report :

Travel - Some respondents highlighted the importance of discounted travel costs including bus passes, and Motability for disabled claimants. They felt that this should particularly apply where the carer does not live with the person they care for. Respondents said that discounted travel should be available to carers whether or not they were with the person they care for.

Now , how about the English Government ?

Trouble is , they need to be approached first .....

Tick tock.

Tick tock.
Obviously , yesterday's news of a forthcoming general election throws a big spanner in the works as far as receiving a reply from my local mp is concerned.

For all mps , number one priority kicks in ... self preservation and loyalty to whichever party !

I'll resume posting on this thread as soon as any other news comes in.
Although this is Dublin it may interest you Chris
MINISTER for Social Protection Leo Varadkar is fully committed to maintaining the Free Travel Scheme and there are “no plans to make any changes”.

Charlie Haughey, when he was Minister of Finance, introduced the scheme in 1967. Last week, Dublin Bay North TD Sean Haughey (FF) marked the 50th anniversary of his late father's introduction of the scheme, when he met people in his constituency who continue to avail of its benefits
read in full here
http://www.dublinpeople.com/news/norths ... -concerns/

x x
Thanks for that one ... Ireland ... said back in 2004 that they were light years ahead of us in certain areas.

Any Party over there ignores carers at their cost ... and there IS a cost !

Over 'ere , most would have difficulty defining a carer !

And that's after mps like Barbara Keely spend most of Carers Day in the House explaining to the few who bother to attend !

Perfect opportunity literally thrown away year after year !

Only one mp has ever bucked the trend during my time on the forums , some 13 and a bit years ... Paul Burstow ... and , like me , he is now an ex.

Where there is a Will , there is always a chance.
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