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Carers Pay to travel in London

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Once this " Project " is launched , it will be interesting to see how far it reaches.

First stop concessionary fares for carers in London.

Depending on the outcome , can a potential change in policy be followed through into other areas ?

So far , a clear case that can be appreciated by Joe Public if handled correctly. That's where the media
contacts can come into play to add pressure on the policy makers.

One idea worth exploring if ever needed would be a possible Crowd Funding scheme. At this stage ,
definately one for the back burner but not to be ruled out.

Plenty of pieces on the board , the trick is to find the correct combination.
I think it would be much better to approach this on a national basis as an Equality issue for all disabled people across the country first. Once everyone, regardless of where they live, has a right under a national scheme for their carers to be with them, it would then be easier to say "What about carers of people too ill to travel at all? Shouldn't their carers be allowed a pass to travel alone?"
That option is definately one for the Voice to consider.

Both carers and their carees can potentially benefit. One aspect easily sold to our carees' supporting
organisations. Taken nationwide , a potential 12 million+ ( Carers + carees ) ... just imagine ..... ?

I have no preferences as to the course to be taken.

The Voice have close links with Clifford Chance , Solicitors , which will be of immense benefit in examing
any legal problems even before a decision is reached as to proceed or not.

After all , none of us will be involved in the decision making beyond the possible supply of ammunition
in the form of contacts and information.

For the time being , all we can do is sit back and wait , keeping our fingertips primed if the call comes.
Just a nudge to get this one back into full view given what's at stake.
Thanks. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what can be done about this. It seems entirely wrong. I'm out of pocket to travel when supporting my bro. What do other people do?
In my caring days , pushed mother in a wheelchair as neither buses nor trains had a roll on , roll off , type facility.

Specialised taxis ? Simply unaffordable.

Nowadays , things seemed to have improved .... ?

Just to record that there are several campaigns across the internet concerning free or reduced fares for carers as a google search will reveal.

No doubt , the policy team at the Voice are aware , and may choose to piggyback one or more , or act as
a coordinator for the individuals involved ??????????

Whatever , this thread is important given the fiancial implications for hundreds of thousands / low millions of carers who could potentially benefit along with their carees.
Thanks. I'll have a google search for carer travel petitions etc.
Just one of the several ongoing petitions as I type.

https://www.change.org/p/free-concessio ... on=minibar
BigSister, you may have this already but I used Dial-A-Cab to transport me, my mum and her wheelchair. Dependent on the level of disability, you are entitled to a certain number of discounted taxi rides per year. In my mum's case, it was around 45 round-trips so we used it to go to Sainsburys once a week:


From memory, I think we paid around £2.50 per trip or so. The plus was also that the drivers were wonderful and trained on handling wheelchairs etc
Sharon Coleman case in 2009.
Today, Mr Justice Underhill, president of the Employment Appeal Tribunal, dismissed the appeal.

He said existing laws could be made to comply with the ECJ ruling by 'reading in' words to the legislation - a process to achieve the 'purpose and effect of a directive'.

These words include: 'A person... discriminates against a person if he treats him less favourably than he treats or would treat another person by reason of the disability of another person.'

Catherine Casserley, a disability discrimination barrister from Cloisters, said: 'This finally ends the long-running dispute about whether all workers - both in the private sector and the public sector - are protected from direct discrimination or harassment because of an association they may have with a disabled person.

'This decision is binding and will have to be taken into account in future legal cases. Hundreds of thousands of carers amongst others will benefit.

'This decision is also groundbreaking because the judge read into the Disability Discrimination Act whole new subsections in order to provide the necessary protection.
If employment , why not transport ?

Food for thought ?
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