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Carers Pay to travel in London

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I have some correspondence from the Equality Commission you should see, before doing much, to avoid "reinventing the wheel". The person at the EC just could not comprehend anyone not being able to use a bus without carer support. My son has SLD, 37 years old, mental age of 3. The EC person didn't understand that he couldn't read destination boards and wouldn't necessarily be able to identify where he needed to get off without a companion!
I'm sure you have ways of finding my personal email, so message me and I'll forward the EC emails.
Yet another case of postcode lottery that determines what support you are eligible for.

More detail here on the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_N ... vel_Scheme

Just seems to be another way to put obstacles in our way.

Our area ( Tyne and Wear ) is good for travel.
Consessionary bus pass, determined by social services
http://www.nexus.org.uk/concessions/disabled-adult bus only

Can apply for a metro gold pass card - £12.00 per annum
Unlimited travel on Metro, the Shields Ferry and Northern Rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland from 9.30am Monday-Friday, all day at weekends and on public holidays with a Metro Gold Card

Can I use my Gold Card to travel to early hospital appointments?
Yes, if you have an Off Peak CT Pass with a Gold Card on it and need to travel before 9.30am in order to get to or from a hospital appointment, just show your hospital appointment card or letter with your CT Pass when requested.

Who can use my Gold Card?
Only you are allowed to use your Gold Card. It is not transferable. If you have a Companion CT Pass you may travel accompanied by one person however the ticket is for yourself and your companion only.

It may be worth members posting of any good practice in their own areas. More proof that can be gathered will possibly help others when contacting those areas where no help/little help in place.

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Work off forum is gathering pace in all areas associated with this thread.

Early days given the number of people not around until next week at the earliest.

Given that this is not a recent development , anyone aware of a challenge made by a supporting
organisation or group of carers in the past ?

Nothing in the old CarerWatch archives ( Slapped wrists all round for that one ! ) , old PRT archives
no longer available. Mention back in 2014 on here but no follow through.

If Carers UK want any " Help " , just yell !
Hiya. I haven't been checking in here over xmas much but it was nice to see the input here.

I received a reply from TFL today saying:

"Thanks for your further email about introducing free fare for people travelling with Disabled Freedom Pass holders who need care. As you can imagine, we receive many requests for help with fares from very many groups, often representing very worthy causes which we have to turn down because of the limited funds available. The mayor was elected on a pledge to freeze pay as you go fares for the next 4 years and to maintain all existing concessions. The mayor is determined to fulfil all the pledges he has made in order to make travel more attractive and affordable for all. However, we have no plans to introduce any new or extended fare concessions."

I honestly can't understand this approach. They want to manage their funds however they also want to provide free transport for disabled people in London ... hence the disabled persons freedom pass. The freedom pass is really important in allowing disabled people to be independent and have greater autonomy, choice and control over where they go and what they do.

Not all disabled people will need a carer to support them when travelling but for those who do need the support their carer should travel free with them. If this is something which is discretionary within local authorities (whether a disabled person needs a carer to support them when travelling) ... e.g. dependent on a doctors letter, etc. That would make sense.

How can disabled people travel free using the card if they need a carer to support them who has to pay (it's either the disabled person or the family carer who ends up shelling out). The current system seems to not consider those who need support when travelling.

So odd that London transport lags behind on this when carers go free in most other activities e.g. gigs, cinema, etc.

Since I've been a carer I've seen so many injustices in terms of health, care, disability, carers, etc ... it's so frustrating as the things you need to fight to change as a carer occur when you're all consumed by actually caring. It's surprising that issues such as these haven't been resolved already.
I believe it amounts to disability discrimination, if our carees cannot travel alone.
Your opening posting has certainly galvanised the Voice into action insofar as it's now with their
policy team.

In plain English , the Voice will be the lead on this one. In turn , resources and contacts outside the
forum have been approached should the Voice need input from external sources.
The mayor is determined to fulfil all the pledges he has made in order to make travel more attractive and affordable for all. However, we have no plans to introduce any new or extended fare concessions.

Somewhat contradictory me thinks ? Not so for a wheelchair user needing a carer to push ?

A media type campaign may be one avenue all readers could assist with IF called apon. There is no
point starting one unless we know how things are panning out. The words CART and HORSES spring to mind.

The stakes are huge with this one. Best left to the Voice to test the water first before any resources
are let loose which , unless coordinated , may be counter productive.

Given that the Voice will be somewhat hampered by their charity status , there is nothing to stop
individual carers taking action in support through areas not accessible to the Voice.

As mentioned previously , there are at least 700.000 carers in London meaning the same number of
carees. All caree supporting organisations will see the benefit as more of our carees will be able to
travel without the problem of their carer having to pay full whack.

At the present time , all we can do is marshall external support in the event of the Voice calling apon
them if so required.
I see this as a disability discrimination issue too, as a previous poster said (you'd think a free companion would be a 'reasonable adjustment' for those disabled people who require essential support to travel).

It's an issue for carers but also for disabled people who we care for. If I as a family carer take bro in his wheelchair on the tube I have to pay however if he was to have a paid carer I presume that he would have to pay for their travel (or not travel at all). So either the unpaid family carer pays or the disabled person who needs the care pays.

Transport For All ('an organisation of disabled and older people dedicated to champion the rights of disabled and older people to travel with freedom and independence in London.') have said that it's an issue they've campaigned about before. So support for this issue could also be gained from disability organisations too.
Said organisation together with a couple of others in related fields already on my contact list.

One of many now on our radar to be unleashed in the future should they , and others , be required.
Early days but this looks rather interesting :
Discrimination by association with a disabled person

If you’re treated less favourably than someone else because you’re caring for an elderly or disabled person, it is called Discrimination by Association. At work you can claim Discrimination by Association if an employer acts in any of the following ways because of your caring responsibilities:

Refuses to offer you a job
Treats you less favourably

You are also protected outside work from acts of Discrimination by Association such as:

Being discouraged from using a service because you care for someone who is disabled
Finding it impossible to use a facility because you look after someone who is disabled
Being given a worse service than someone else who isn’t caring for a disabled person.

For more information, see the Equality Act 2010 Carers’ information

http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/equ ... _carer.pdf
Being discouraged from using a service because you care for someone who is disabled
Being discouraged by having to pay full fare whilst your caree goes free ?

Purely an observation which may assist in due course.
Someone is being discriminated against if they can't use a service being provided because they are disabled.
So in the case of my son, who has severe learning difficulties, he can't benefit for anything the bus company can do in the way of easy read signs etc. because he can't read at all, and he can't find his way round by himself. So the only way he can use the service is by him having a companion with him.
He's the one being discriminated against when his companion bus pass issued by Hampshire, isn't recognised in Dorset. It's crazy, he can use it for a journey from Hampshire into Dorset, carer goes free. But Dorset into Hampshire, carer pays full price.
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