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Carers Pay to travel in London - Page 13 - Carers UK Forum

Carers Pay to travel in London

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3,075 ... 90 in two callender days !

That's more like it.

Bookies slightly twitchy ... 12s in some , since 14s in most.

5,000 paw prints by the year end ... and that's only a target ?

Okay , if you must ... hoof prints allowed as well !

Even the "Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety – time to change the rules ! " petition is 200 ahead of ours !


Let's all take 'em to the cleaners ?

After all , what's at stake ?

£ 400 / 500 million back into OUR pockets !

Carer's Strategy ?

There's theirs ... and there's ours.

Most days I would love to get out & about but, I really can't afford the bus fare. My mum is in a wheelchair & gets a free pass. She can't travel without me but, I still have to pay !

I echo that comment from my own days as a carer .... and buses did NOT have the present roll on / roll off facilities for wheelchairs at that time.
A snippett from the Select Committee on Works and Pensions Report , July 2008 ( See separate thread for the full sp ) :

Concession cards

201. The Government reported that a number of local authorities run schemes that recognise the contribution carers make to society. Some offer discount schemes for transport and leisure facilities for carers, regardless of whether the carer is accompanied by the person they care for; this goes beyond the discounts available to carers when they are accompanying the person they support through schemes such as the disabled person's railcard and concessionary bus fare schemes. It acknowledged that "these discounts can play a big part in allowing carers to take part in the sort of activities that others take for granted, and can help to address carers' isolation."[196]

202. The Princess Royal Trust Salford Carers Centre, for example, is piloting a Carers Leisure Pass, which gives carers unlimited access to council swimming, gym and leisure facilities. Following a carer's assessment, the assessment worker can request a pass electronically from Salford Leisure. Use of the pass is monitored and if it is not used for a continuous period of two months, the Carers Centre is informed and contacts the carer to check that they are well, or if they are having difficulty using the pass or if they no longer want it. The pass has improved the health of a wide range of carers, including working carers, as it is not limited to off-peak use.[197]

203. In its Carers Strategy the Government stated that "in recognition that much good work is already happening, we will be working with local government to make sure that this good practice is spread more widely."[198]

204. In Australia, extensive provision is made at State and local authority level to provide concessionary rates for carers. Recipients of Carer Payment are entitled to a pensioner concession card from the Commonwealth Government, which entitles the holder to reduced cost medicines. Additional concessions vary depending on the state and local authority but include:

reductions in property and water rates and utility bills;
a telephone allowance;
reduced fares on public transport;
reductions on motor vehicle registration; and
free rail journeys within the state each year.

205. We welcome the Government's commitment to work with local authorities to spread the idea of concession cards for carers more widely. We recommend that the Government follows Australia's good example and proactively negotiates concession cards for carers for travel, parking, leisure and other activities with local authorities, business and transport operators to help carers cope with the financial burden of caring.

Travel and Concessory Card schemes / discounts .... from 9 years ago.

Progress since ???

There's no hiding place on the Internet for those who have failed to progress these issues.

They can blame who they like .... carers will be their judge ... and jury !!!

P60s all round .... and no references ???

How say you 6 million good men / women / persons of indeterminate gender true .... ???
3,229 ... the accelaration continues.

Costs of transport soon become unaffordable when you're on a low income & if you're stuck in poverty because you have to look after someone, free public transport should be the least the state can do.

About time carers who are saving the public purse from paying out thousands got some concessions.

I'm signing this because I care and I refuse to see this scale of inequality and do nothing.

Underpaid, undervalued carers should not be penalised with transport costs

Concessionary travel should definitely be in place for carers, when they are accompanying the cared for person

Keep 'em comin' ....

Paw / hoof prints without a comment perfectly acceptable.

Don't just leave it to others .... this is a MAJOR issue for all carers !!!
Now a brief article on Carers Radio ( FaceAche page ) .... took it's time but it finally got there.

No link to this thread ... . can't expect everything , can we from our supporting organisation ?

3,268 as I type , Scottish Youth Parliament now on board.

9,870 " Reads " .... 10,000 by the year end ... probably more once we get things moving forward again.

Email to my mp to resurrect this one together with the 21 Hour Rule still to be sent.

House in limbo following jolly boys outing at the conference , and Brexit demanding all available time.

Apparently , less sheets for the words to " The Red Flag " passed around ... at least some improvement ?

Sing that old ditty as much as you want ... few understand what they mean ???

Old phase used far too often in my banking days ?

Diarise forward ....
3,369 ... momentum has almost gone ... not unexpected for any of the numerous petitiions out there.

However , given the size of the carer army ... ???

Reads now in excess in 10,000 and only me now posting ... weird ... no one else even contributing ???

Still in limbo ... first the General Election , then nothing but Brexit , now the UC debacle.

Nothing other than to diarise forward for a further short period.

No point in trying to resurrect with the House's attention still elsewhere ?
Amanda's petition now at 3,563 as I type.

Unity News are the latest outsiders willing to give said petition some expose.

Apart from that ?

Still not the time to approach my local mp ... events / priorites in the House confirm my assumption.

Budget later this month , the dreaded shutdown over the festive ( For some ? ) period.

Then , hello to 2018.

If ANY reader sees an alternative , please post on here or pm me.

I , on your behalf , will probably have only one shot at this.

The timing is crucial !
Just a headline from today's Daily Telegraph to savour :

Philip Hammond offers discounted rail travel to the under-30s in a bid to win back young voters.

So Mr. H , the votes of X Million carers do not matter ( As if voting for any clown did ? ) ?


Oh well , we shall continue to look elsewhere ... perhaps in a couple of generations time , someone out there might attract our attention ?

Diarise forward ... little else I can do as I type.
Amanda's petition ... 3,659 as I type ... slowing down as may be expected from my past experiences.

A new supporter ?

Unison ( Scotland ) ... BE VERY WARY ... goes back to CarerWatch days ( Yet again ! ) ... one of our most beloved contributors was a trade unionist for much of his working life and , on our behalf , had extensive " Talks " with Unison ... very reluctant to add any support at that time for the reasons as detailed in the next two sentences.

Their interest is in the carers who also double up as paid care workers ... hence their concern.

As for purely family carers , an " Enemy " of sorts as for each family carer , there will be one less job for their members , paid care workers !
New supporter

Amanda Macdonald
Paisley, United Kingdom

24 Nov 2017 — Unison Scotland have now amazingly become a supporter of the petition and shared it across their networks. Just shows hard work and trying gets results. Today is Carers Rights Day lets get the help we need as Carers.

As for what I'm doing ?

Merely diarising forward ... timing ... may be an opportunity this Summer with the Carers Strategy ... short of that , waste of time and energy to force this issue further ... given the lukewarm reception it would receive in the House.

One shot ... that's all we get !

Given the numbers reading this thread ... and , as a former carer , I will see no benefit ... anyone else want to add anything ?
The Scots are showing the English a clean pair of heels for once.

Amanda has awaken the Clans ... and Carers Trust ... boy , what effort that must have taken ?

https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/1 ... ry-travel.

Young adult carers leading charge for @ScotGov to extend concessionary travel.

Companion card is not enough, say carers campaigning for increased financial support.

A PETITION CALLING for the National Concessionary Travel Scheme (NCTS) to be extended to all unpaid carers is currently being considered by the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament, thanks to Amanda MacDonald (pictured), a volunteer with Carers Trust Scotland's Young Adult Carer Voice Project.

MacDonald launched the petition after struggling with transport costs herself when she was caring for her mum, who passed away last year. Her efforts have received the support of a range of organisations including the Coalition of Carers, Carers Scotland, Enable Scotland, and Carers Trust.

The petition is also available to sign on Change.org, where over 3, 730 people have signed so far, and has been backed overwhelmingly by the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) after two MSYP’s for the Carers Trust Scotland, Lauren Baigrie and Amy Barbour, raised a motion at the SYP’s most recent sitting.

“Many carers face huge financial difficulty, and as a result of this they are unable to have much of a social life even if they can find time away from their caring role." Amanda MacDonald, campaigner

At present, carers are able to travel free as a companion to the person for whom they’re caring, where that person is in receipt of a specific rate of benefits related to their disability or if they are registered blind. Campaigners are asking for free or discounted travel to be extended to all carers, including when they are travelling alone.

Speaking to CommonSpace, Amanda MacDonald said that she was urging people to get behind her petition “to make a real change to the real unsung heroes of today’s society”.

She said: “Many carers face huge financial difficulty, and as a result of this they are unable to have much of a social life even if they can find time away from their caring role due to the barrier of transport costs.

“The simple task of getting to the shops, the many visits to the GP, collecting medication from the chemist or doing any of the other things that come as part of the routine that carers face on a day to day basis becomes a hard task when living on such small income.”

“The cost of travel may not seem like a lot of money to many however £4.20 (in my local area) per adult a day adds up to over £29.00 a week. Of course travel costs vary dependent on where you live and where you are required to travel to as some carers need to travel far distances,” she added.

“This is a huge amount of the income a carer receives, especially if their sole income is a mere £62 per week of Carer’s Allowance.”

For this reason, MacDonald said, many carers have told her they feel that the “companion card is not enough” because it becomes “useless” when the carer is travelling alone.

Lauren Baigrie MSYP for Carers Trust Scotland

"It’s so important for us, as young carers, as so many are struggling to make ends meet because of the lack of money they get from their Carer’s Allowance." Lauren Baigrie MSYP

MacDonald said that it is also “massively important” for carers’ mental health for them to be able to get out and about, including to attend support groups and meet with friends.

Carers Trust found that, across the UK, 45 per cent of young adult carers said they have mental health problems and 68.8 per cent of older carers say that being a carer has negatively impacted on their mental health.

“Is concessionary or discounted travel really too much to ask for when carers save the government £132bn per year?” MacDonald asked, referring to a figure identified in research by Carers UK and the University of Sheffield in 2015 into the value of unpaid carers in the UK. The report estimated that this amounted to the cost of a “second NHS”.

A motion inspired by MacDonald’s petition was supported by 96 per cent of MSYPs last month, after young carers Lauren Baigrie and Amy Barbour put it forward to the members.

Speaking to CommonSpace, Baigrie said: “I’m glad that MSYPs not only highlighted but backed the importance of free travel for carers by voting for the motion. It’s so important for us, as young carers, as so many are struggling to make ends meet because of the lack of money they get from their Carer’s Allowance, in addition to the rising costs of transport.

“Carers in Scotland use public transport for so many things, including going to appointments with their cared-for person, picking up medication, and doing the weekly shop.

“Those who also balance their caring commitments with education also rely heavily on public transport, which is why it’s so important to highlight this. Tackling this issue will go some way in helping battle social exclusion, as well as providing support for those in further and higher education.”

Amy Barbour MSYP for Carers Trust Scotland

“Following a pilot, free bus travel will be made available to recipients of the Young Carer Grant from 2020/21.” Transport Scotland spokesperson

The SYP’s new campaign on young people’s rights, Right Here, Right Now, is calling for decision-makers to take a rights-based approach to their work, as well as empowering young people to defend those rights. Concessionary travel for young carers will be one of the issues within this which the members will be raising with their MSPs.

At present, CommonSpace understands that the Scottish Government has confirmed to the Public Petitions Committee that it does not intend to extend the National Concessionary Travel Scheme to all carers, estimating that the cost of doing so would be a little under £100m.

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government agency responsible for transport, said: “At present all carers aged 60 and over are automatically eligible for free bus travel under the scheme.

“In addition, young carers aged between 16 – 18 are eligible for the National Concessionary Travel Scheme for Young People, which offers one-third off bus travel and most rail journeys in Scotland and a 50 per cent discount on rail season tickets.

“In addition, the Scottish Government will be introducing the Young Carer Grant from Autumn 2019. The grant will be awarded to young carers aged 16 and 17, and if still at school 18, who do at least 16 hours of caring a week, but do not qualify for Carer’s Allowance.

“Following a pilot, free bus travel will be made available to recipients of the Young Carer Grant from 2020/21.”

Okay ... over to the English ... what are we doing to top this ?

National pride is now at stake.

Hello ... anyone in ?

Time to go on the record ?

Oh well , no change there ... for a decade and more !
3,781 ... stalling despite recent endorsements.

A mere 40% ish of the number of reads on this thread.

Something out of kilter ... again ?

Diarise forward ... little can be done as I type.
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