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Carers Pay to travel in London - Page 11 - Carers UK Forum

Carers Pay to travel in London

Share your petitions or campaigns here.
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Amanda's petition now stands at 2,483.

Sounds a lot but just how many members / readers are there of this Forum ?

A petition may be just a petition but ... given the Issue at stake ... not worth a couple of minutes of YOUR time ?

Next time YOU pay to use public transport with your caree , just think for one minute ....

In many ways , carers are their own worst enemies when it comes to trying to ease the Plight.
2,518 !

1 in .... 2,400 have now signed Amanda's Petition :

My opinion ?

PATHETIC ... given what's at stake !

At least Amanda has her mp on OUR side ... how about YOUR mp ?

10 Aug 2017 — Mhairi Black has informed me that the Scottish Government have made a commitment to carers rights seen through current legislations.

I was also informed that in the upcoming months a consultation on concessionary travel (inclusive of carers and my petition) will be launched. I will be attending once i know the date to be an advocate for all of you who have signed this petition.

Please keep sharing and supporting my campaign! Your shares and signatures are important.

For once , break a habit all too common with carers ... DO SOMETHING POSITIVE and sign the petition !

No wonder the System considers carers to be an easy touch and simply ignores our Plight.

Carers WERE noisy once ( Collectively !!! ) ... the phoney consultations back in 2008 / 2009 would never had happened otherwise ?

Simples ?


https://www.change.org/p/concessionary- ... -your-help
2,624 .... very LITTLE bit helps.

At this rate , 5,000 by end of 2020 ???

A couple of weeks to go before I can blow dust off emails destined for the House.

Don't hold your breathe.

Any newbies in the All Party Carers Group would probably spend the first year learning what , exactly , is a carer.

Another year for " What does a carer do ? "

By the time they get round to " What do carers need " , a general election is held and the whole process begins again ....

Bob once sung " The Times They Are A-Changin' " back in those now far off daze in the 60s .... at this rate , his great grandson will ask the question " When ? "
2,692 ... a slow burner but still growing.

Another couple of weeks and I will remind my local mp of both main Issues ( Travel and 21 Hour Rule ) , seeking names of the condemned who have " Volunteered " for the All Party Carers Group ... direct search reveals nought.

Momentum ... need to re-establish !

Please spare us Barbara Keeley ?

https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2 ... 001/Carers

Reminded me of the infamous Monty Python Philosophers foot ball sketch ... spent most of the time debating amongst themselves rather than partipating in the actual match !

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Philo ... ball_Match

Where's a modern day Nye Bevan when you need one ?
Thank you guys for all the passion you have i just wish others felt the same.

I have just been updated that carers trust scotland have fully backed petition . I have been working very hard emailing everyone can think of to try get support. It is shame only under 3000 have signed but i hope for success with backing getting lately.
Carers Trust ?

A MAJOR achievement for an individual carer ... and I post that without my tongue being in my cheek !!!

A decade ago , you would have been press ganged into CarerWatch along with other social deviants who dared to challenge the Status Quo !!!

In reality , the response has been pathetic ... as have similar attempts ever since I first ventured into carer online communities back in 2004.

Even the now infamous " Carers Letter " back in 2009 did nothing ... beyond sparking the Phoney Consultations which are detailed in the old " 2009 " thread. At least we opened a few minds and ears along the way only to be almost forgotten some 8 years later by carers and the System alike !

Still , our Lord Kitch is around for anyone to view.

Carers tend to leave everything for others when it comes to carer matters ... while they continue to do so , nothing will change .... why should they , there is no pressure on the System to change anything !!!

Later this month , I shall wake up my local mp ( As previously posted ) to see what's afoot in the House ... sounds of snoring , £ 300 per day upstairs for just that ... nice work if you can get it ?

Don't hold your breathe !


2.825 as I type ... 133 more in 8 days .... 1 in every 2,300+ carers.

I rest my case !
The Scottish Daily Record's recent article on Amanda which clearly highlights the Free Travel Issue :

http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scott ... n-11146325

" I couldn't afford to eat' Carer campaigns for free travel after cost of visiting ill mum forced her to rely on foodbanks. "

Amanda MacDonald has launched a petition after she was forced to rely on food banks due to spending nearly half her carer's allowance on bus fares.
“Often I had to go without food or rely on handouts from food banks.

“I really don’t know how we coped, it was a constant struggle from one week to the next.

“Mum was in and out of hospital a lot and visiting her every day would cost £4 in bus fares.

“That adds up to £28 a week, which is a lot of money when you are surviving on a carer’s allowance.”

Jeanette passed away last September. Amanda is now calling for all carers to be given free access to public transport to help tackle the perilous financial situation many are left in when looking after a loved one.

She said: “It’s not just visiting hospitals for appointments. There are trips to the chemist to pick up medication, getting to supermarkets for shopping and attending support groups.

How many readers have been in a similar situation ?

It also raises the issue of free public transport when NOT accompaning one's caree.

That may be a sticking point as it would be open to abuse ... it would only need just a few to do so before any support for our campaign would fall at this hurdle.

In essence , the bottom line is that CA is far too low for many to be able to take unexpected expenditure as highlighted above.

Amanda should be praised on behalf of us all .... just one person refusing to accept what the System throws at us day in , day out.
At least the Aussies are a light year ahead of us poor pommies in certain respects ?

A Carers Card leading to numerous discounts across the whole country and , in the Northern Territories , free travel !

https://www.carergateway.gov.au/carer-c ... oncessions

If you care for a family member or friend, you might be eligible for cards, concessions and discounts across a wide range of services and products. Even though the details of the schemes may differ between providers, it’s always worth asking, as a lot of companies provide support to help make things easier for carers and the people they care for. This page offers some starting points for you to investigate.

Northern Territory pensioner and carer concession scheme

Purpose: this scheme may help you financially for many items, including some household bills, driving costs and travel expenses.

You might qualify if you: are a permanent resident of the Northern Territory and hold a valid concession card issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

From Monday, the government-run service for seniors and people with mobility issues will expand into the inner north as part of a new $75,000 trial.

Minister for Transport Canberra and City Services Meegan Fitzharris said bringing the service to the north was an election promise which would make life easier for Canberrans struggling with short commutes around the territory.

"The Flexible Bus Service expansion into the inner north region means that this free community service will now be Canberra-wide," Ms Fitzharris said.

The service first started in Canberra in 2004 and allows people to order transport to their door so they can go shopping, attend social activities or visit local service providers. Bringing buses to the inner north is "the last piece of the puzzle".

For Ms Williams, it will mean a lot more trips to the shops with her husband, or outings to visit her many nieces and nephews across Canberra.

The 79-year-old Turner local also plans to hop on the bus to see her cardiologist at Canberra Hospital.

Eligibility to ride the free buses is assessed on a case by case basis, mostly for those holding seniors cards or living with disability, and trips must be booked two days in advance.

Carers with a valid carer card are also welcome to travel on board.

Carers Card ?

How many times has this Issue been proposed by carers since online forums began in early 2000s ?

Still in the " To do " piles in our supporting organisations ?

You can bet your last £ 1 , and nowhere near the top of the 20 feet high pile ?

Certainly higher than our poor old Lord Kitch ?
Petition is in todays daily mirror reading the comments getting alot of positive support and certainly making a noise.

Finally starting to reach people outside scotland as alot harder to gain support when not livig there sadly.

Hopefully gaining more awareness of issues tackling with petition.

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_ ... 6149699161
Direct link to the Daily Mirror article for those , like me , who tend to avoid FaceAche like the plague :

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/i- ... r-11147453

At first reading , seems to be a carbon copy of the earlier Daily Record one BUT ... has a comments section !!!

Well worth reading to see what non carers , and traditional Mirror readers , make of this.

Already a few " Anti " comments no more than one would expect when an Issue like this is thrown to the wolves ?

Shame the guide dog element couldn't have been thrown in ?

Free travel for guide dogs ... but not human carers ?

Now , there is a worthy tabloid headline if ever there was one ????
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